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Roni Lovegrove100
Eugene Doering100
Dale Morsefield100
Neil Gibds100
Robert Piatti100
Stephen Pickles100
Duke Wiser100
Keith Steffke100
test record100
M. Cappellen-v.d.Hoog100
Edward Leviker100
Allison Shuttlesworth100
Lee Barneson100
Diana Howland100
Denis Ellis100
Mike O'Neill100
David Dawe100
Donnie Crevier100
Monica Vallejo100
David Timmerman100
Floss Barber100
Jeff Lodder100
Caroline Macon100
John Barneson100
Angela Gregory100
Roger Blaser100
Bill McDermott50
Kate Fauller50
Wendy Offield50
Ed Pollack50
Ramon Osuna50
Nancy Lueck50
Carol Battista50
Title% Match
Confederate Raider ALABAMA100
MOSCOW of Boston100
The Brig THEODORE Captured by a Corsair100
Schooner Yacht FAUSTINE100
Towing into Nantucket/ Schooner Race of Newport100
Portrait of the Barque MOHAWK100
The Black Ball Packet ALBION100
Ship Sportsman off Chandeleur Island100
Topsail Schooner in the Tropics100
Home on the Evening Tide100
A Virginia Trader of 1760100
The Downeaster GREAT ADMIRAL100
A Fresh Breeze100
H.M.S WINTERTON Approaching Dover100
The Brigintine ZARA off the Skerries, Anglesley100
Sunset After a Storm100
Willis Tea Line Clipper100
DUMFRIESS Awaits Her Pilot100
ROSS SHIRE Under Running Tow100
British Ship UNICORN In Port100
Schooner ESTELLE100
American Schooner COLUMBIA Before Block Island100
The Commodore's Racing Cutter MAGGIE100
Dragon Class Yacht Race100
KING GEORGE V in Action Against the Japanese100
USS KEARSAGE Leaving Boston Harbor100
Ship ESTRIDGE Off Dover100
The Battle of Jutland100
Painting of a Naval Architect100
Schooner Yacht WATER WITCH in New York Harbor100
H.M.S. ENDYMION Captures U.S.S. PRESIDENT, War of 1812 Action 100
Bark ST. ANDREW off Point Lynas, Liverpool100
The Capture of the CLEOPATRE by the NYMPHE100
BRITANNIA & VIGILANT Race Head-to-Head100
Dutch Cog in a Rising Wind100
Ships that Pass in the Night100
Racing Tea Clippers100
Royal Yacht Squadron Schooner off the Needles100
Portrait of CALIFORNIA100
The British Clipper LORD OF THE ISLES100
First Raters , The Fighting Fleet100
Reaching for Home100
Manuvering Close to Shore100
Blowing Fresh, ARIEL and TITANIA100
South Sea Whalers Off Valapariso100
Clipper Ship HOOGLY of Boston100
PILGRIM off Palos Verdes100
MAGIC & CAMBRIA America's Cup100
Clipper Ship YOUNG AMERICA100
HUGH HOGAN and C.A. CLOSE at Florence, Oregon100
BALCLUTHA Towing Out of San Francisco, 1887100
Marquis of Ailsa's Schooner LADY EVELYN100
Sloops Race for the Goelet Cup, 1887100
Racing Yacht MAYFLOWER100
British Submarine H.M.S. SEALION Rescues a P-51 Mustang Pilot100
N.B. PALMER at Anchor off Staten Island, New York100
Full Rigged Ship POCAHONTAS Off Portland, Maine100
USS CHICAGO Off Castle Williams and Governor's Island, New York Harbor100
The East Indiaman KENT Off Deal, England100
Portrait of the Iron Barque ECLIPSE100
To Trafalgar100
The Brig MARY Off Dover100
A Hun Victory100
Off Castle Garden , N.Y.100
Under Tow off Governor's Island100
Racing Dragons100
Portrait of the Tugboat G.M. WINSLOW100
Portsmouth Harbor100
American Coastal Schooner TILLE VANDERHERCHEN100
The Steam Tug UNITED STATES100
Thames River Arrival , Mooring the Iron Ship100
American Schooner in Boston Harbor100
SY SHEELALT in the Bay of Naples100
The GALATEA, Glasgow 1886100
PHANTOM And The 1867 New York Yacht Club Regatta100
Ship LUCY G. DOW100
U.S.S. YORKTOWN in Rough Seas100
Match Race of Hudson River Sandbagger100
Heading Out at Dawn100
R.M.S. QUEEN MARY Enters New York Harbor 100
Sunrise off Grand Manan Island, 1860100
Sailor Made Painting of the Four Masted Barque PORT JACKSON100
PRINZ EUGEN - A Royal Demise100
ENCHANTRESS Off St. Catherine’s Lighthouse, 1874100
Ship SIAM Hove To Off Holyhead100
Portrait of Admiral Nelson100
KALEDA off La Havre100
GRAYLING Leads at the Mark100
Brigantine off Labrador100
The Famous Clipper FLYING FISH, Commemorating the Great Deep-Sea Derby100
Surging Forward, the Clipper SILVER EAGLE100
GULNAKE of Boston100
San Pedro Moorings100
Portrait of an American Bark100
Nantasket on the Hudson100
Leisure off Minot's Ledge, Massachusettes100
Dutch Ships at Quay100
All Hands Aloft100
Schooner Regatta , Great Lakes100
The Capture of the French Frigate LE SERENE by the English Frigate BOREAS100
Portrait of the Steam/Sail CHARLES HOWARD off Le Havre100
Underway by Moonlight100
HUGH HOGAN Arrives at Florence, Oregon100
A.J. FULLER off San Francisco100
Ship BERLIN Towing Out, San Francisco100
Stunsails Set100
Schooner Idler, New York Yacht Club Regatta100
American Schooner COLUMBIA Before Block Island100
San Francisco Pilot No-3, GRACIE S100
Ship Driving Onto the Aucklands100
Dawn Suspect100
Brig EPHRATAH of Port Madoc Entering Naples100
Ships Under Sail100
Barque MINDORA100
Bark AMY100
Steamboat BLACKBIRD100
U.S. Army Transport MEADE100
On Shore100
Summer Morning -MAGNOLIA Beating GREYWING100
Atlantic Carrier Escort Group100
Shoreham Harbour100
Portrait of the Sail Steam Barque CITY OF ALEXANDRIA100
The Ship DAUNTLESS of Stonington100
Ferrying Ashore100
Homeward Bound, Outward Bound100
The Battle of Trafalgar100
America's Cup 1899, SHAMROCK and COLUMBIA100
Schooner BLUENOSE100
North Pacific Whalers Trying Out Oil100
Tall Clipper at Sea100
Wartime Commands100
THOMAS P. EMIGH at Tacoma100
ST. FRANCIS off the Golden Gate100
Black Ball Clipper on the Pacific Ocean100
Riding Out the Gale100
Match Race Challenge, RAMBLER vs MADELINE, 1872100
UNION of Boston100
On the High Seas100
Ships That Pass100
A French Sidewheel Steamship of Le Havre & Honfleur100
PEGASUS Off the China Coast100
VIXEN & The Man-O'-War100
Hail from the Motor Launch Patrol- " I Want to See Your Papers"100
Taking on the Dover Pilot100
Barkentine LINNET off Hong Kong100
Racing in with the Catch100
Clippers On Starboard and Port Tracks100
Pacific Queen100
Portrait of the Ship INDIA OF NEW YORK100
Full Sail Ahead100
Victorious SAPPHO100
Portrait of the Schooner CHARLES D. HALL100
CARPATHIAN, British Iron Clipper100
A Collier Loading Ballast on the Thames River100
America's Cup Race100
PURITAN vs GENESTA, America's Cup 1885100
America's Cup 1871 Livonia vs Sappho100
ELSIE IVERSON and C.H. MERITHEW at Westport100
BARON ABERDARE at Vallejo St. Wharf , San Francisco100
U.S.S. CONSTELLATION Transfers Marines100
The Start Of The 1866 Great Transatlantic Yacht Race100
The Glorious Ship - U.S.S. CONSTITUTION100
Leaving Before the Storm100
U.S.S. YORKTOWN in Rough Seas100
Tall Ship WP FRYE100
color test100
Stunsails Wide100
Aircraft Carrier USS ENTERPRISE100
Gale Warning, the Schooner ARIEL100
H.M.S. WARSPITE at the Second Battle of Narvik, WWII100
The Ship SAMUEL RUSSELL under Captain N.B. Palmer100
Screw Steamer MANTEO100
Royal Navy Off the Coast100
Brigantine off the Lee Shore100
Under Full Reef100
The Yankee Frigates100
Convoy Under Attack100
Start of the Race100
At Days End100
Ships in New York Harbor100
Sailing In100
Coming into Port100
HOUQUA off the Coast of China100
Sidewheeler in Heavy Seas with LIGHTSHIP100
Portrait of American Merchant Ship S.S. PLEIADES100
Topmast Schooner and Tug100
The ALAMBAUGH in Heavy Seas100
ELECTRA of San Francisco100
IVANHOE and ELVENIA at San Pedro, 1887100
BRITANNIA Racing in the Solent100
German U-Boat Stops American Tanker R.G. STEWART100
Dutch Boeier Aground100
The Escaping Smuggler100
The Guardian100
Schooner Under Full Sail100
Painting on Silk of the American Ship CORNELL100
The Clipper BLUE JACKET100
U.S.S. Ranger v. H.M.S. Drake Off the Coast of Ireland100
John Barneson's WESTWARD Off Point Cavallo San Francisco100
The California Clipper YOUNG AMERICA100
The Sidewheeler HONAM in Kowloon Harbor100
The Wandering Jew100
New York Tug WANDERER100
American Full-Rigged Ship M.P. GRACE100
Downeaster VALLEY FORGE100
First Fleet, the American Frigates100
After the Storm100
Portrait of Steam-Sail BELLEROPHON100
Out of the Fog100
Cape Horner, the Clipper Ship LIGHTNING100
The Tramp Steamer100
Steam and Sail , Study of Contrasts100
Schooner Yacht Under Sail100
Schooner MARY E RUSS100
The Herreshoff 20 Rater Niagara100
Honfleur Harbor100
ARISTIDES Under Sail100
Silkwork Portrait of the Bark TULCHAN100
VENEZUELA, Red D Line100
Transatlantic Packet Ships Off a Northern Headland100
CEDRIC the Saxon100
GLORY OF THE SEAS Off the Farallon Islands100
A Revenue Brig Under Way100
Royal Yacht BLUEBOTTLE100
S.S. AMERICA Bringing the Troops Home100
British 12-Metre Yacht SCEPTRE in a Match Race100
Barkentine THOMAS P. EMIGH100
The Royal Schooner HILDEGARDE, Queen’s Cup 1877100
On the Clyde100
The American Bark MANGA REVA, Formerly PYRENEES100
Battle of the Malta Convoy, HMS SUCCESS Attacks GENEREUX100
Bluejackets Land in Honolulu to Quell the Election Riot100
The Open Sea100
British Schooner Anchored at Naples100
The Broken Mast100
Steam Yacht NIAGARA100
Before a Heaving Wind off Cape Horn100
Pirate Lugger Wilwatch Escapes Pursuit100
NARCISSUS Entering Hong Kong Harbor100
The Start of the 1901 America's Cup100
Morning Reflections100
Lake Arrowhead100
A Lifeboat Rescue100
Lumber Schooner in New York's Lower Bay100
British Schooner RANKEILER Off Kronberg Castle100
Portrait of the Barque AGNES M. LOVITT100
The Tug BISMARK100
S.S. City of New York II100
North Sea Whale Fishery100
Battle of Trafalgar100
UNA and CAROLINE at Garden City, Oregon100
ALICE KIMBALL off West Port100
First Rate Warship Off Balearic Islands, Spain100
American Windjammer Under Full Sail100
KOHALA Outward Bound From San Francisco100
U.S.S. ST. PAUL - Let Go Port Anchor100
US Brooklyn Class Light Cruiser In the Pacific100
DEFENDER and VIGILANT on the East River, 1895100
Outward Bound100
Great Lakes Tugboat CALUMET100
Barque DIOSCUREN Arrives at Hong Kong100
Fighting Ladies of 1815100
Ships Drying Sails100
H.M.S AMPHITRITE Blockading Cadiz100
Yankee Clipper100
BISMARCK Under Fire100
American Sidewheeler DE RUYTER to the Rescue100
Portrait of EURYDICE100
Shipping in a Calm100
Reaching for Home , 1880100
Bark J.C. Kuhn off Liverpool100
USS BROOKLYN at the Battle of Santiago100
Outward Bound, Long Island Head, Boston Harbor100
Shortening Sail100
The Brigantine REAPER Off Bass Rock100
MONTEZUMA Passing Pierhead Off Le Havre100
Before the Storm100
Portsmouth Harbor100
Lumber Schooner UNA Towing into the Mouth of the Umpqua100
Schooner JOSEPH G. DEAN100
Barque WHITE SEA of Boston100
IROQUOIS and PALMER in Boston Harbor100
Tug Passing Middleground Lighthouse100
Blue Water Racing100
PURITAN And The CALIFORNIAN Off The California Coast100
Return From Trafalgar100
MISCHIEF Leads the 1881 America's Cup100
Whalers Drying Sails100
Attack of Smith's Corps at Cold Harbor, Virginia100
N.Y. Harbor Near Castle Garden 100
GALATEA and SEA FOAM at Mendocino100
Brig PANDORA Under Attack100
Yachts Racing on the Great Lakes100
Danish Customs Sail to Russian Merchant Ships100
14 Knots - U.S. Coast Guard Barque EAGLE100
Approaching Weather100
BELLEROPHON in Heavy Seas100
Boarding Party100
East Cape Buoy100
Smokescreen, The Dover Patrol100
The White Star Steamship OLYMPIC100
Westward Ho100
Downeaster L. Schepp at Hong Kong Anchorage100
Bark GEORGE KINGMAN off South Rock Lighthouse100
Activity During An English Calm100
The Packet HOOGLY off Fastnet Rock100
American Gaff-Rigged Cutter100
Fresh Breeze off Sandy Hook100
Gusty Winds100
Smoke Screens100
Mendocino Morning, 1878100
Portrait of Captain Abraham Russell100
Dublin Bay100
U.S.S. MIDWAY at Guantanamo Bay-1945100
VOLUNTEER and THISTLE In New York Harbor100
U.S. Privateer GRAND TURK vs H.M. Packet HINCHINBROOKE100
Heavy Weather100
William Astors Schooner AMBASSADRESS Leads the Regatta100
American Steam Schooner Meets British Frigates Crossing the English Channel 100
In a Calm YEOMAN and LALAGE Off the Isle of Wight100
New York Yacht Club Fleet Race, 1889 PALMER Leading ATALANTA 100
The Cape Horner, CUTTY SARK100
Bark HESPER Unloading Lumber at San Diego100
American Clipper HERALD OF THE MORNING100
Full Rigged Ship100
The Barque SCOTLAND Off Dover in Two Positions100
Paddle Wheeler JOHN BIRKBECK100
VENEZUELA, Red D Line100
Arriving at the City of San Francisco100
A French Cod Fisher100
The Great Tea Race100
Yacht SILVESTER Rounding the Mark100
Boston Lighthouse100
Sails on the Waterfront100
The Transatlantic Packet SOUTH HAMPTON100
The Italian Barque NICOLO TOMASEO100
WANGANUI of Lyttelton, New Zealand100
American Sail-Steam Yacht100
Topsail Schooner EXCEPTION off Montauk100
Portrait of a Black Ball Line Ship100
Schooner DAUNTLESS100
Wool Clipper HARBRINGER Approaching Avon Harbor100
ABBIE and MAXIM at Caspar, CA100
LITTLE RIVER and S&M COOMBS at Little River, California100
White Star Liner MAJESTIC100
Steam-Sail Passenger Liner IROQUOIS100
Passenger Ferry FAVORITE100
Catcher Boat THOR100
The Smelly Yellow Whang-Po, U.S.S. HELENA100
American Schooner Yacht Off Dover100
US Frigate ESSEX Battles HMS ALERT100
American Schooner of the New York Yacht Club100
American Ship CORRA LINN in Two Positions100
The British Victory of Trafalgar Against the French and Spanish100
Tanker LAS PIEDRAS and Tug SANDY HOOK II, Off Staten Island100
QUEEN OF THE FLEET Off the Skerries100
Young America100
Western Warehouses of the Bund at Shanghai100
Downeaster JABEZ HOWES Sailing the Golden Gate100
While the Battle Rages100
BOMBAY Under Way100
Before the Wind100
Freedom of the Seas: U.S.S. PENNSYLVANIA100
Dutch Coasters100
A Cap Full of Wind, At the Nore100
ROSE STANDISH Off Beachy Head100
Eastport Dock, 1912100
The Blackwall Frigate ALUMBAGH At Anchor100
Tramp Steamer WINTER100
Bark ELIZABETH & CATHERINE Entering Malta Habor100
COMET Departing San Francisco, December 27, 1853100
Lumber Schooners CHRISTINA STEFINS and PAULING COLLINS at Cuffy's Cove100
U.S.S. MONITOR Defends Against C.S.S. VIRGINIA, 1862100
Yacht CORONET Underway100
DAUNTLESS On The East River, 1886100
ST FRANCES - Outward Bound100
His Majesty's Yacht WILLIAM & MARY100
Topsail Schooner Off The Coast100
Newport Schooners100
Schooner AGNES of the Atlantic Yacht Club100
CSS ALABAMA Sinks the Whaler VIRGINIA100
Yacht MAYFLOWER Defending the Americas Cup100
Liverpool from the Wallesey Foreshore100
Sumner Repulsing the Rebels100
Motor Yacht ALMINA100
French Pirates Engage a Royal Naval Brig off Dover100
Merchant Packet DANIEL WEBSTER Leaving Boston100
America's Cup 1887 - VOLUNTEER and THISTLE100
Schooners and Merchantmen100
British Brig In Two Positions Off Newcastle100
Whaling on the West Coast100
City of Albany100
Ship COWPER Entering Hong Kong100
Clipper at Sea100
America's Cup 1899-SHAMROCK vs COLUMBIA100
America Delivers100
Sloops Across the Line100
Dollarline Steamship PRESIDENT TAFT100
Patrolling the Channel100
Hudson River Steamboat SARATOGA100
Portrait of the Downeaster ROCHESTER100
Schooners Racing100
Tumbling Seas- ARABIA of Boston100
Portrait of LADAS100
Lumber Schooners at Albion River Wharf100
HANNAH MADISON on San Francisco Bay100
Pursuit of a Pirate Lugger100
MAGIC And The First Defence, August 8th, 1870100
FORTUNA and the Fleet, Newport Regatta 1890100
Old Ironsides In Boston Harbor100
An Empress Liner Out Bound100
Near Iona Island on the Hudson100
US Frigate PRESIDENT Against H.M. Brig LITTLE BELT100
Clouds in the Orient100
Ship W.P. FRYE Sailing the Pacific 100
The Dreadnought Battleship U.S.S. WYOMING of 1911100
All Hands on the Mainstay100
The Downeaster TACOMA100
The Schooner MARY B. DYER100
Portrait of a Topsail Schooner100
U.S.S. Constellation Launches Against North Vietnam100
Clipper WINONA of Newburyport100
Setting Sail, Early Morning Off the Isle of Wight100
U.S. Frigate and Privateer100
Steam/Sail off the China Coast100
The Clipper Ship SWEEPSTAKES100
Flag of Truce100
Harbor Reflections100
The Lumber Barkentine JOHN C MEYER100
Action off a Lee Shore100
MARY ANN off Keyport, New Jersey100
Power Cruising Aboard AMICI II100
The Morning Gun100
The Schooner MOBILE, 1862100
Shipping at Lowestoft100
HUGH HOGAN at Florence, Oregon100
BIG RIVER Towing into North Bend, Oregon100
Cutter VINDEX Races Along Southwest Spit100
Ferry Boat, No. 825100
Glasgow Excursion Steamers and American Ship on the Clyde100
French Sloop Pursued by British Warship100
McKay's Clipper STAGHOUND Leaving San Francisco100
The Northern Whale Fishery100
The Grand Banks100
The PHILLIP R. PAULDING in New York Harbor100
S.S. REPUBLIC Bound West100
GLANDINORWIG off Hong Kong100
Waiting for the Pilot100
Pirateship WILWATCH100
Dutch Kaags in the Channel100
Blackball Clipper JAMES BAINES Off Cape St. Vincent100
Harness the Wind100
Five Coastal Kaags100
Crown of India100
Sails at Sunset100
Eastern Yacht Club Schooner100
Ships That Pass, DAVID CROCKETT100
Three Master BEESTON CASTLE in Two Positions100
The Whaleship WANDERER, New Bedford100
The Fleet Returns100
British Frigate FLORA100
C.A. THAYER at Hoquiam100
Schooner on Approach to Albion Shore100
Port of Philadelphia100
Statue of Liberty Arrives in New York Harbor100
Alaskan Packers, STAR OF HOLLAND100
Crossing Paths100
CALIFORNIAN Hard Driving Off The California Coast100
Passing Shadows100
Heading Out100
Victory Ship Attacked by German U-Boat100
Motor Yacht KOLANTA100
American Transatlantic Packet BYZANTIUM100
Hong Kong Harbor100
The Clipper "MEMNON" of New York100
Full-Rigged British Ship Off Hong Kong100
Portrait of Thomas P. Emigh100
Winging Along the Solent100
Pilot Boat at Work100
Portrait of CHARLES H. MARSHALL, 1917100
Summer Morning, New York100
Dollarline Flagship PRESIDENT HOOVER100
Disembarking at Sunset100
New York Harbor Ferryboat ROBERT GARRETT, 1887100
Unloading a Stranded Ship , Bootle Bay100
American Runabout, 1906100
Danger Lurking100
LURLINE at Aberdeen100
RIO RAY Entering Anchorage at Fort Ross100
Goelet Cup, 1887100
Nantucket Water Skid100
The Bark HESPER Sailing Away100
Barque EMILY TAYLOR Entering Leghorn100
Ship BENGAL100
Sloop Mayflower100
Full Rigged Ship GATHERER100
The Bombardment of Algiers100
The Winning Yacht 1876100
War Weary100
SHERMAN, U.S. Army Transport100
North by Northwest - BALCLUTHA in the Pacific100
American Ship GRANDEE off Holyhead100
An English Cutter Giving Chase to a Smuggler100
The New York Yacht Club Racing Schooner MAGIC100
Rendezvous Off Jutland100
The Downeaster SINTRAM of San Francisco100
Yachts Racing Around Sandy Hook100
The Steam Yacht WINTONIA100
Landing with the Catch100
The Black Ball Line Packet JAMES FOSTER JR100
Heading Out100
Ship GIBRALTAR Passing Heligoland100
Spear Fishing on the SUN BIRD100
Off the Light100
Peaceful Waters & Western Winds100
Approaching the QUAY , Isle of Man100
Race Day100
Full Rigged Clipper100
P & O Passenger Liner in Grand Harbor, Valetta100
Boerer Yachts100
The Clipper FLYING FISH in San Francisco Bay100
Ship CAROILINE. 1796100
Four pencil sketch Studies by Arthur Beaumont.100
Yacht Race Off the Needles, Isle of Wight100
Racing Sloop WHISTLER Off Bowditch Ledge100
Action Between U.S.S. CONSTITUTION and H.M.S. JAVA100
Packet STAR OF THE WEST in Venice100
Yachts Sail Beyond the Shore Break100
Rare American Portrait of Whale Ship Captain Moses Nickerson100
Gloucester Schooners Racing for Home100
The Maryland Ship DEFENCE Chases the British Sloop OTTER Down Chesapeake Bay100
Canadian-Built Ship FULWOOD100
Cunard Liner PAVONIA100
The Steam Yacht WARRIOR100
Aftermath of a Tyne River Storm100
H.M.S. CAROLINE off Shakespeare Head100
Peaceful Harbor100
Under Easy Sail100
HARVARD Under Way100
Black Ball Liner off the Battery100
Maneuvering in the Channel100
TITANIC and OLYMPIC Original Advertising Illustration White Star Line, Liverpool, 1911100
Portrait of Schooner Yacht GLIMPSE100
Cutter Yacht of the Northern Yacht Club Near Dunoon100
New York Yacht Club Schooner CLIO100
Rounding the Light100
Heading Out100
A Break in the Weather100
ALICE KIMBALL off San Francisco100
Off the Bar100
THOMAS M. REED Departing San Francisco100
Armored Cruiser NEW YORK Leads Convoy Home100
Ryde Regatta, 1864100
Schooner C.A. THAYER100
American Frigate Against a French Privateer100
British Barque EAST AFRICAN100
GLORY OF THE SEAS Off Fort Mason, 1912100
American Ship BYZANTIUM In Heavy Seas100
1911 Astor Cup Yacht Race100
Civil War Ships NEPTUNE, VESTA and ALLIANCE100
Motor Yacht OCOEE100
Full Masted Ship Off Catalina Island100
Clipper EAGLE WING Off Hong Kong100
Barkentine LINNET Off Hong Kong100
Sailor-Made, Oil on Milk Glass of S.S. TEMPLEMORE100
Cutters Racing100
JOHN C. MUNRO off Hong Kong100
Whaling in the Arctic100
The Yacht SEA CLOUD100
New York Pilot Schooner #17- FANNIE100
The Red Duster100
Portrait of the Tug ROBERT LOCKHART100
Salute at Sunset100
The Full Rigged Ship MINNIE B100
Grand Bankers100
The Liverpool Pilot Cutter KITTY100
Portrait of a Steam/Sail Barkentine100
Schooner AMERICA100
SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS at San Francisco100
ELECTRA Entering Mendicino Harbor100
QUEBEC Off Perch Rock, 1854100
Ships In San Francisco Harbor Bare Masted100
problem slot100
In Heavy Seas100
New York Harbor Fire Station #57100
CALIFORNIAN and LYNX Hard Driving100
Heading Home100
The Four Masted Schooner, HERBERT D MAXWELL100
American Sidewheeler GEORGE PEABODY Off Tynemouth100
USS Constitution in Action Against HMS Guerriere100
Ship FRANK CARVILL off Hong Kong100
American Whaler in Arctic Waters100
A Sailing Ship in Calm Seas100
Running Down Channel100
Yachts Off the Line100
ARIEL and TAEPING , Racing Up Channel100
At Sea in Adverse Conditions100
Portrait of Steam/Sail Ship TRIBES100
S.Y. NARADA off Naples100
The Quick and the Dead100
IRON CROSS at Sea100
Tacking off Shore100
Brigantine Beyond the Red Buoy100
PURITAN vs GENESTA , America's Cup 1885100
Medium Clipper MERCURY100
KNIGHT OF MALTA In Grand Harbor, Valetta100
Ship KEDROM100
JENNIE THELIN at Westport100
JULIA ANN Approaching San Francisco Harbor, 1852100
HENRIETTA, 1865100
WILWATCH Pirate Ship Under Fire Off The Coast100
British Admiralty Yacht Underway100
British Naval Frigate And Ship Of The Line100
The Roaring Forties100
Clipper Ship Under Red Sky100
Action Between BOXER and ENTERPRISE100
Rounding Cape Horn100
Gun Boats Blockade Mobile Bay, Alabama 100
Clipper Ship FOREST QUEEN100
Whitehaven Quay100
A Steamsail Ship Under Way100
Arrival of QUEEN MARY At Southampton100
Yawl Off Point Bonita100
Ashbury Cup, August 16, 1870100
A Summer Night100
An American Privateer, The Schooner TOPAZ100
Landing On in Difficult Conditions, The ARK ROYAL100
West Coast Lumber Schooner100
Portrait of HARVEST QUEEN, 1917100
His Majesty's Fleet100
U.S Mail Steamship ILLINOIS100
Blue Days at Sea100
Ships Leaving Boston Harbor100
Sandbaggers Racing100
On a Strong Broad Reach100
Rounding Mouse Light100
Wind Bilge Pump100
Venice 1915100
Clipper Ship CONQUEROR Off Eddystone Light100
Gloucester Schooner100
Lumber Schooner SACRAMENTO Departing Albion, California100
Brig and Cutter Off the English Coast100
Schooner LOTTIE CARSON off Wilmington, California100
On Station, 1835100
Meeting Up With the Pilot100
Ship ORACLE Off Liverpool100
The Barkentine100
American Yacht with Barkentine Rig100
Barque BRASIL of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia100
Passing Through the Golden Gate100
COLUMBIA and WENONAH Rounding Southwest Spit Buoy100
Ship HOUGHTON Entering Leghorn100
Motor Yacht REWELY JEAN100
Napoleonic War Battle of Pulo Aura100
VOLUNTEER Off Sandy Hook, Heading Out to Race in the Goelet Cup100
COLUMBIA & CORONA, July 1901100
Schooner THOMAS W. LAWSON100
Goelet Cup Race 1887100
Cutter Yachts Under Sail100
H.M.S. ALACRITY, China Station100
Pilots off the Bar100
Revenue Cutter Chasing a Smuggler100
Pups on Deck100
The City of Jacksonville100
Brig off Sandy Hook100
Capture of the THETIS and PHENIX by the ALARM in the West Indies100
Busy Harbor100
Clipper LUCY S WILLS off the Skerries100
Follow the Leader100
Battleship USS ALABAMA100
The Golden Pathway-Clipper ASTERION100
The USS OHIO Leaving San Pedro, 1849100
BILL THE BUTCHER at Bowen's Landing100
MAGIC and CAMBRIA-America's Cup100
RED JACKET At Sunset100
Clipper STAGHOUND100
someones painting100
Schooner Yacht Off Catalina Island100
Hard Driving Schooner100
GALATEA Entering Mendocino Bay100
Shipping in the River Humber Off Hull, England100
H.M.S. Shannon Boards U.S.S. Chesapeake off Boston100
Harbor Scene100
S.S. PONCE Entering New York Harbor100
Commissioning the S.S. MERRIMAC100
Fishing Boats Headed Home in a Strong Breeze100
Schooner Harry Landell off Sandyhook100
Clipper 'STARR KING' at Hong Kong100
Steam/Sail Ship of the Line100
Steam Tug ARIOSA on the East River , New York100
Last Night100
Open Beam Paddle Wheeler, SUWO NADA100
Swedish Bark off Marseille100
Coastal English Cutter Yachts100
Over the Rolling Sea100
The Sandbagger A.J. ALLAIRE Long Island 1885100
Yachts Racing off Castle Hill, NY100
Explosive Peril100
Bark H.B. FLINT off San Francisco100
HUGH HOGAN Towing Out of Florence, Oregon100
SAPPHO Leads Past Sandy Hook Lightship100
Fair Winds100
British Man-O'-War Fires A Salute100
Up Channel100
Night Suspect100
Inward Bound100
Task Group 21-6 Patrols the Atlantic100
Heading Out100
DUPLICATE, Delete100
General Custer's Division Retiring from Mt. Jackson, Virginia, and Burning the Forage100
The Hudson River Paddlewheel Steamer C.W. MORSE100
Portrait of Captain Oliver G. Lane100
H.M.S. Revenue Cutter VIGILANT Towing a Captured Barque100
The Old Navigator100
Entering Port100
Whaleship NIGER, New Bedford Harbor100
Portrait of the Open Beam Sidewheeler OLD DOMINION100
Americas Cup Defender VOLUNTEER100
City of Bangor100
Off the Wind100
Port Mahon, Minorca100
Under Full Sail100
Outward Bound100
PRINCE LOUIS Entering Hong Kong100
Towing to Sea100
Schooners at the Gate100
Ironship WOOLTON100
Cutter & Brig Off the English Coast100
Home at Last100
AMERICA vs MARIA - New York Harbor, 1851100
A Heeling Breeze100
Bark J.E. CHASE Off Le Havre100
Anchor Passenger Liner CALEDONIA100
Cutter IREX Wins the Royal Albert Cup100
American Ship Coming Into Lamlash100
Pilot Schooner No. 18 J. STAFFORD100
Ship MILO at Whampoa100
test by nick100
Early Screw Steamer STAR OF THE SOUTH in Heavy Seas100
The Famous Clipper DREADNAUGHT100
White Star Liner MAJESTIC of 1890100
Amercan Merchant Ship in Philadelphia Harbor100
English Man-O'-War on a Dutch Cruise100
White Star Liner ADRIATIC100
Encounter with the Fleet100
Meteor II100
A Bone In Her Teeth100
Galatea and Mayflower100
Running Out to the Sound100
The Golden Pathway-Clipper ASTERION100
Off the Port Bow- Clipper NIGHTINGALE100
GUYANDOTTE of the Old Dominion Line100
Squadron of the Fleet at Anchor100
The American Packet INDEPENDENCE100
The Liverpool Pilot Schooner QUEEN100
South of the Line, 1936100
FLYING FISH off Cape Horn100
LILY off North Point, San Francisco Bay100
Regatta Off Sandy Hook, N.Y.C.100
Yacht Race Round the Mark100
Pacific Ocean Schooner C.H. MERCHANT100
Action Between an English Ship and Barbary Pirates100
Schooner AMERICA Off New York100
Cat Boats Racing Beyond New York100
Yacht CORNELIA at the New York Yacht Club Regatta 100
Solent Ones Rounding the Lepe Mark100
VOLUNTEER off Sandy Hook100
A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea100
Bark ST. GEORGE off South Stack100
The Launch of HMS TRAFALGAR100
GIPSEY in Three Positions Off Egremont100
SUNBEAM Rescuing the Crew of a Burning Ship100
Portrait of the "ANNE COMYN"100
Squadron Rendezvous100
Portrait of the Barque SATELLITE in Hong Kong Harbor100
Off the Coast of Maine100
U.S.S. KEARSARGE in the Bay of Naples100
The Clippers100
HARRIET H. MC GILVERY Entering Hong Kong Harbor100
ST. LOUIS, American Line100
Royal Mail Steamship ACONCAGUA100
Ship Republic off Le Havre100
Venetian Sails100
Schooner GEORGE BAILEY off Sandyhook100
Luminous Harbor View100
Battle of Cape St Vincent100
MARY POMEROY in San Francisco Bay100
LIZZIE PRIEN at Isthmus Slough100
GALATEA off California Coast100
VISION & DAUNTLESS Off Sandy Hook Lightship100
The British Fleet Under Lord Exmouth Leaving Algiers100
US Army Transport LOGAN100
Schooner Yacht COLUMBIA Racing Off Portsmouth100
Nearing Home, The HELICON100
Moonlight Scene on the Quay, Ramsgate100
Departing New York100
The Sloop GALATEA Leads100
First International Yacht Race off Children's Island100
British Merchant Packet off Lintin Island100
Squadron Off the Taugus100
Shipping in Liverpool Harbor100
Luminous Sea100
KAATERSKILL on the Hudson100
Low Tide100
Harbor Sunrise100
A Three Master100
In the Roaring Forties100
The Cunard Steamship, CAMPANIA at Sea100
S.Y. TAURUS off Cowes100
Pilot Coming Out100
Ship Dauphine Heading to Sea100
Embroidered Picture of the Bark KEDRON100
Portrait of British Packet Ship off Hong Kong100
San Francisco Bay100
New York City Schooner100
BENDER BROTHERS at Point Arena100
HESPER at Pt. Blakely100
Cutter, Lugger & Steamship Off Dover100
American Brigantine Picking Up a Local Pilot100
American Packet CHAMPLAIN100
Schooner AURELIA P. HOWE100
Man-Of-War at a Coastal Anchorage100
Full rigged ship BALCLUTHA100
Clipper EMPRESS OF THE SEAS off Portsmouth, England 1854100
The Start of the Great 1866 Transatlantic Yacht Race100
Battle of Boston Harbor, USS CHESAPEAKE and HMS SHANNON100
Song of the Seas - The JOSHUA BATES100
PALMER vs DREADNAUGHT off Sandy Hook100
Regatta Off Calais, France100
NAVARA Races On the Clyde100
The Three -Masted Schooner ADDIE G. BRYANT100
The Great Transatlantic Yacht Race100
Cutty Sark100
RED JACKET Under Shortened Sail100
Graceful Wings100
The Extreme Clipper EMPRESS OF THE SEA100
Morning Commerce on the Tyne100
Pilot Boat off Liverpool100
Whalers Heading Out100
Portrait of VALHALLA100
Schooner MALABAR100
SEA FOAM at Cleone100
ALICE KIMBALL Anchored at Nesport, California100
Fishing the Coastal Waters100
Yawl On San Francisco Bay100
George Holmes and Mary100
Evening Gold - The DREADNOUGHT100
Rounding the Buoy100
OFF THE BAR - Full Rigged Ship CUNDA100
Action at Trafalgar, England Against France and Spain 100
Hong Kong and Victoria Peak Circa 1855100
Ship J.N. Cushing of Newburyport100
On Long Island Sound100
The Brigantine E. MILLER100
Bark GEORGE KINGMAN Off South Stack, Holyhead100
Yacht LIRIS, New York Sloop100
Shipping Off Governor's Island100
Portrait of HESPERIAN100
The Clipper Memnon Under Tow100
Portrait of Full-Rigged Ship BENGAL100
Engagement Between U.S.S CONSTITUTION and H.M.S GUERRIERE100
Steamship COTTAGE CITY100
Into the Light100
American Bark off the Coast100
First Engagement PRESIDENT and BELVIDERA100
Glouchester Seiners100
Underway off Portsmouth100
Advertisement for Marine Paintings100
Dashing Wave in Hong Kong100
Bound for Liverpool100
NEWARK on Richardson Bay100
SACRAMENTO Leaving Westport, California100
Petit Manan Lighthouse100
Naval Victories of Lord Rodney's FORMIDABLE100
Cutters Race Leeward100
Reaching After the Cup100
Steam-Sail Yacht EMILY100
PURITAN Races Towards The Narrows Off Brooklyn100
Catboats on Oyster Bay, Long Island100
CUTTY SARK Entering the Thames River100
NATHANIEL B. PALMER Off the Chinese Coast100
Portrait of Captain Andrew Black100
The Departure of a Flying Squadron100
Shipping off a Dutch Port100
The Clipper FLYING CLOUD100
The Action Between PRESIDENT and LITTLE BELT100
Perilous Passage100
Portrait of the Sailing Bark BELMONT, 1913100
M.V. MARGARITA off Gibraltar100
Cowes Roadstead With Calshot Castle100
China Clipper HIGH FLYER100
Still Waters100
From Sail to Steam100
American Cutters Racing100
Lovely Matilda100
ELECTRA off Fort Point, San Francisco100
Hudson River Schooners100
ARIEL At Marblehead, 1893100
U.S. Tanker GOLDEN HORN100
CALIFORNIAN With Headland and Schooner100
Plying the Trade Routes100
U.S.S. MAINE Entering Havana Harbor and U.S. Fleet at San Juan100
Coming Through the Mists, Maine Harbor100
Portrait of Royal Marine Colonel William Stratton Aslett100
L'HIRONDELLE's debut as DAUNTLESS Passing Castle Garden 100
The Five-Masted Schooner ELINOR H.100
Off White Island Light, Isle of Shoals100
British Warship in Heavy Weather100
Magic Leading Dauntless100
Finish of the Race100
Schooner Races Around the Mark100
SEAWARD off Palos Verde Peninsula100
Portrait of the Schooner VILLAGE GEM100
Portrait of AGUAN100
Blue Sails100
Brigantine Riding the Wind100
American Packet VICTORIA off Holyhead100
Stormy Seas100
Merchantman Off The Greenock Customs House100
Whaler Under Way100
ALFRED Entering Mendicino Bay, 1875100
Catch to Market100
Coastal Passenger Vessel U.S.A.T. TERRY100
The Sinking Of VICTORY HOBBS100
Breaking Foam100
Chinese School Painting of Hong Kong Circa 1880-1890100
Ship N.B. PALMER off the Golden Gate100
Black X Packet TORONTO Off the Needles 100
WESTWARD Leads the 1911 New York Yacht Club Cruise Into Newport100
Night Suspect100
The China Clippers100
Rosy Dawn50
Douarnenez:Bateaux dans la Baie50
The Little Schoolhouse, Cambria Pines50
The Desert Bloom50
Leisurely Beach Afternoon50
Mevagissey Harbour, Cornwall50
L’Avant Port de Fécamp50
Diamond Head50
The Duckpond50
Foochow Anchorage and Pagoda, Min River50
Santa Maria Della Salute with Gondoliers on the Grand Canal50
Ferry Arriving, Castle Clinton in New York Harbor50
Promontory Lighthouse50
A Day at the Beach, Laguna, California50
Santa Monica Pier50
Tugs at Rest50
Rockport Harbor50
Hudson River Schooners50
In the Silence of the Night50
Wakiki, Oahu, Hawaii50
Ten Pound Island, Gloucester50
The Green Pail50
Jeune Femmes sur las Rochers50
The Old Lighthouse, Mexico50
The Old Lighthouse and Fleets of St. Ives, Cornwall50
Portrait of a Wahoo50
Sunset View of the Gateway of Venice50
Pair of Ames US Navy Cutlasses50
Brig Under Tow50
Hong Kong Harbor, 186050
Pleasure Isle (Catalina)50
Sea Nymph on a Rocky Ledge, Star Island50
Boats at Dock50
Sunset, Gloucester Harbor50
Unloading the Catch50
Sunset Under Sail50
Whaleback Lighthouse50
Children at a Floral Riverside50
Wakiki, Oahu, Hawaii50
Blue Paradise - Hawaii50
Schooners at Sunset50
Dreaming Anew50
On The Beach Valencia50
Fishing Boats at Sunset50
Balboa, California50
Freedom on the Seas50
The Building of the LOYAL LONDON50
Venetian Lagoon Near St. Mark's Square50
The Pier at Trouville50
Rentrée des Bateaux de Pêche50
Portrait of an Admiral of the Royal British Navy50
City Skyline and East River50
Running Mates50
Sunset Shoreline50
Foggy Sunrise50
Hong Kong Island and Port50
Ferry Departing Castle Clinton, New York Harbor50
Les Tentes Bleues50
La Seine à Mailleraye près de Quillebeuf, Normandie50
Régates a Morgat, 192450
Macao, View of the Praya Grande50
Sea Born Sunset50
The Americus Club50
Homecoming , New York Harbor50
The Coast Near Montecito50
Day's End- OLD50
China Cove50
Digging at the Shore50
The Fight Is On50
The Grand Banks Schooner50
Outriggers At Diamond Head, Honolulu50
Portrait of a Broadbill Swordfish50
St. Augustine Yacht Club at Plaza Basin50
My Yacht Club50
19th c. American Gilded Neoclassical Mirror with inset painting of a Whale Ship 50
Book Illustration Mr. Midshipman Easy Original Watercolor50
Autumn on the Lake50
Promenade Au Pied D’une Falaise En Normandie50
Portland Head Lighthouse50
Tranquil Afternoon50
Drying Sails50
On the Tyne After the Storm50
Garden on the Adriatic50
On the Scheldt50
American Revival Artist's Easel- Carved Ebony50
Kaiana and Wynee50
Sunset Calm Off Ten Pound Island Light Gloucester50
American Barkentine JOHN L. HASBROUCK50
Rounding the Mark50
Trois Masts dans la Rade, Camaret50
Portrait of a Fisherman50
Dress Whites and the Tuna Catch50
Morning, Gloucester50
On the Beach at Biarritz50
Tea on the Veranda50
Across the Gloucester Shore50
Irvine Cove - Laguna Beach, California50
Maritime Business on the Huangpu River, Shanghai50
Sapphires and Amethysts50
Whampoa Anchorage50
Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island50
The Beach at Trouville50
reuse this file50
Inbound Through the Golden Gate50
Garden on the Adriatic50
View of Venice Near San Giorgio50
French Silvered Naval Officer Dress Sword50
On The Connecticut Shore50
Corona del Mar50
Aid the Wounded Woman50
Mist Moon50
The Golden Path50
Steamboat Race on the Connecticut50
Portrait of a Naval Captain50
Moodna on the Hudson50
Valetta Harbor, Malta50
Mediterrean Coastal Seaside50
Sunset Sails50
Venice Under Sunset50
Visiting Day at the US Life Saving Service50
Model 1788 English Sword by Thomas Gill- Dated 179150
Jousting on the River50
Early Morning, New York Harbor, 188150
Massachusetts Harbor of Mattapoisett50
Atrani, Amalfi Coast, Gulf of Salerno50
La Falaise D'etretat50
Ship's Bow50
Gloucester Waters50
Emily in the Garden50
U.S. Battleships Down the Hudson50
Sailing at Marblehead50
La Swann, l'ete, du Cote des Cures Marines50
Point Judith Lighthouse50
Venetian Afternoon50
Lakeshore in Northern Italy50
Hawaiian Shores and Hanalei50
Avalon, Catalina Island50
Fisherman's Seashore Home50
Corcarneau Harbor50
Mediterrean Coastal Seaside50
Newport Coast50
Corona del Mar50
Abominable Snowman50
A Summer Day On The Coast50
Summer Squall50
Carrying Sail50
Study; Steamboat Race On The Conneticut50
Afternoon Sun50
The Pool50
The Anchorage At Lovers Cove- Catalina Island50
Fitting Out - Bark CARIOLANUS50
Rockport Waterfront50
Romantic Sunset, Maine50
Venice in the Rain 50
Pirates Giving Chase50
US Naval Officer's Sword with Outstanding Engraved Blade50
Breaking Waves50
Albergo der Cappucci, Amalfi Coast50
Plage Animee50
Wooded Island Outing, Chicago Columbian Exhibiiton50
Pier at Edgartown50
View From Fineart50
Sunlit Sails50
Caribbean Day50
ACCRA Arrives at Las Palmas, Canary Islands50
Absconding with the Treasure50
Daffodils on Table50
Brigantine at Sunset50
A Favorable Breeze50
Bark NAUTILUS Entering a Camel, Nantucket50
Boston Yacht Club50
Active Morning on New York Harbor50
Whaleback Lighthouse50
A Quiet Brittany Harbor50
Avalon, Catalina Island, 191250
Dockside Daydream50
Breaking Surf50
test object50
Ill Omens, Egg and Candle50
French Line NORMANDIE De Venoge Original Advertising Art50
Doëlan, Basse Mer50
Entering the Tyne50
American Merchant Ship off Battlements of Marseilles50
Avalon Bay, Catalina Island50
A Quiet Nook50
Off Grand Manan, Maine50
Gloucester Harbor Beyond Rocky Neck50
Tropical Night50
Liqurain Boats50
La Seine A Rouen50
Tamazunchale, Mexico50
Amalphi Coast50
Rocky Coast50
View From the Grand Canal50
Ship HARMONY of Hull50
Desdemona Palace, Venice50
Oyster Bay Catboats50
La Jolla Coast50
Leisure at Cannes50
Harbor Life, Boulogne, France50
The Kyles of Bute, Scotland50
Portrait Mrs. E.R Le Marchant50
Yachting at Sunset50
A Summer Morning50
A Day at the Beach50
On the Coast of Holland, Fishing Boat Ready for Sea50
The Old Man and The Sea50
High Quality British Naval Sword with Scabbard 50
Yachting on the Maine Coast50
Colonel Bates Leads the 30th Colored Infantry at the Battle of the Crater50
American Naval Officer's Cutlass50
Royal Navy Officers Sword George V 1827 Pattern50
Hong Kong Harbor & Victoria Peak50
The Steam Frigate U.S.S. CHICAGO Off Gravesend50
Sunrise Along the Coast50
Davenport Park Inlet50
Fisherman Coming Ashore50
Whaleback Lighthouse50
Beach at Maiori, Amalfi Coast, Italy50
Female Prisoners Work the Mine50
Port Louis, France50
School of Fish50
Le Peignoir de Bain50
Approach of Dusk - Point Loma50
Lighthouse at Tholen50
Merchant Trade, Whampoa Anchorage50
Low Tide50
The Drydock, Fairhaven, Massachusetts50
Help From Ashore50
Riviére D’Auray, Bretagne50
Portrait Of Captain Evelyn R. Le Marchant50
Santa Monica Summer50
-DELETE Corrupt Record -Sunset Calm Off Ten Pound Island Light, Gloucester50
Heave Away, Racing Cutters50
Church Point, Portsmouth 50
La Vieux Bateau, Morgat50
A View of the Brandywine River Near Louviers50
Henley Regatta, 195250
San Diego Backwater50
Fishing on the Hudson50
Little Corona del Mar Beach50
Prototype GLOSTER IV50
Two Men Fishing50
Calm Day on the Delaware River50
Im Yacht Club, Starnberg50
Newport Harbor Anchorage50
Portrait of a Wahoo50
White Star TITANIC Moet Chandon Original Advertising Art50
Royal Navy Officers Sword George V 1827 Pattern50
Ship Lifting Anchor50
Mediterranean Harbor50
Sunset Over New York50
Fishing Boats, Gloucester Massachusetts50
Evening at Concarneau50
Drying Sails off Spithead50
Ships Under Fire50
Au Bord de la Seiné50
Regatta Week at Cowes50
Enchanting Venice50
French Riviera50
Rescue of the ROYAL ALBERT50
The Open Coast50
Cattora, Italy50
Sheltered Cove50
Across the Grand Canal50
Afternoon Along the Coast50
Ocean Race off Catalina50
De Galante Heer50
Cuttyhunk Light50
Venice at Night50
Mediterranean Fishing Village50
On the Promenade50
Western Ships in Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong50
View of the Hongs, Canton50
Cunard-White Star Lines R.M.S. QUEEN MARY and Moet Chandon Original Advertising Art50
Moonrise Over Trouville50
Early Anchorage, Alaskan Salmon Cannery50
Romantic Observations50
At Anchor in Rotterdam Harbor50
Whampoa Anchorage, Hongs of Canton, and Macao50
Pier Dreams50
Sur la Plage50
Near Iona Island, Hudson River50
A Memory of Venice50
Portrait of a White Marlin50
Bustling French Harbour50
La Cote du Mer50
Evening in Port50
Maine Schooner in Seal Harbor , Mount Desert Island50
Cameret Harbor50
San Pedro Harbor50
The Yachtsman's Wife50
Le Jetee a Arcachon50
Venice Backwater50
Diamond Head, Honolulu, 188450
Les Tents Bleu50
Mere et enfant au bord de la plage 50
L’Avant Port de Fécamp50
Marine, Bateau50
Narragansett Bay & Newport, Rhode Island 190250
The Sea Bathers50
Leisure Day at Point Lobos50
Newport Beach Drag Fishers50
Along the Connecticut Shore50
At the Regatta50
Fishing Boats in Harbor50
Kona Village, Hawaii50
Ferry at the Old Mill, 189650
By the New England Seashore50
Fishing Off New Harbour, Nova Scotia50
A Wonderful Collection of Seven Paintings of Tahiti by Royal Naval Officer SR Lock50
Canton Warehouse on the Pearl River50
Bidston Lighthouse and Signals50
West Cornwall Bay50
In Admiration of the Lady's Work50
Fishing Fleet in Harbor50
View of the Bay50
Rocky Coast50
Brought to Gaff50
Peaceful Harbor50
Schooner at Daybreak50
Genre Scene50
In the Tropics50
Portrait of a Broadbill Swordfish50
Le Pont Sur la Touques à Deauville50
Hills in Spring- Santa Catalina Island50
View of Canton50
Sunset Over New Bedford50
Newport, Rhode Island, 188750
The Grand Canal50
Brittany Fishing Boats50
Summer Session at Ballast Point, San Diego50
Mouth of the Mediterranean at Low Tide50
Schooner Passing Dead Man's Island San Pedro50
Sandy Hook Lighthouse50
Leisure on the Seine50
Burro in the Yard50
The Dory50
Jetées à Trouville50
Douglaston Bay, Long Island, Little Neck50
The Admiral's Countryside Estate50
Regatta in Sydney Harbour50
Off Crowninsfield Point, Maine50
Following Sea50
Rockport Afternoon50
Shipping in the 19th Century50
Shipmates at the Sternwall50
A Day at the Beach50
View of the Palisades on the Hudson50
Blacksmith's Shop, St. Gervasio, Venice50
Puhoa, Hawaii50
Daybreak on the East Coast50
Schooner AMERICA Before The St. Francis Yacht Club50
Along a Golden Shore50
Estuary at Twilight50
Ashore with the Catch50
Old Laguna50
The Laguna Coast50
ROSS SHIRE in a Swell50
Farewell, Leaving the Doge's Palace, Venice50
Un Jour a'la Plage50
View of Mt. Vesuvius From Capri50
Man Overboard!50
On the High Sea50
Portrait of a California Yellowtail50
Sandrecourt, Le Chemin au Bord de la Riviere50
Humber Morning Calm & North Sea Passage50
Easterly Winds50
A Cape Ann Retreat50
Sunderland Harbor50
Boat Figure50
View of Venice Near San Giorgio50
Laguna Seascape50
Pali Road, Hawaii50
On Misaine Bank50
Original Watercolor and Ink of Historic Balboa50
The Upper Firth of Clyde50
Abandoning the Arctic Exploration Ship JEANNETTE50
A Day at the Beach50
Distant Island50
The Piers Of Fécamp50
A Good Day's Fishing50
Fishing Villagers50
Through the Trees50
On the Pier, Bayshore Long Island50
A Summer Evening50
Watching a Fisherman at Schevenigan50
Regatta off Lowesoft50
Lovers at Santa Monica Bluff50
Le Semaphore, Beg-Meil, Bretagne50
Following Sea50
Coucher de Soleil, Etaples50
A Summer Day, Long Island50
Canton and the Pearl River50
A Pirate's Discussion50
The Yacht Kitskad Off Catalina Island50
On The Coast50
Inner Harbor, Gloucester50
Off the Dutch Waterfront50
Gondoliers at Esclavons Quay, Venice50
Santa Monica50
On The Thames River50
French Officers Entertain the Ladies Onboard50
Fishing Boats on the Beach50
Fishermen Going Out50
La Pointe Saint Gildas50
Fishermen Off The Chimneys, Grand Manan50
Strolling Along the Bluff at Long Branch50
Portrait of a White Sea Bass50
Honolulu Arrival in Pan Am China Clipper50
Daylight Departs Portsmouth50
Morning Effect, Venice50
The Bowsprit50
Leisure on a Normandie Beach50
Hong Kong Harbor, 185050
Santa Maria Della Salute, Venice50
Normandy Fishing Boats50
Venetian Waters50
Surging Sea50
Eiffel Tower, City of Paris50
Eastern Bay50
La Plage, Fécamp50
Day's End50
Sunrise Glow From Wailoa River, Hilo50
Ship TAITSING Visiting China50
Reflective Sunrise50
Brigantine at Sunset50
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Keith Steffke100
Stephen Pickles100
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PURITAN Races Towards The Narrows Off Brooklyn50

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