Alfred de Breanski, Jr. (1877-1957)


The son and nephew of prolific landscape and seascape painters Alfred (fl.1869-1893) and Gustave (fl.1877-1892), Alfred de Breanski, Jr. achieved substantial acclaim in his own right during a notable career that spanned over 60 years. Taught by both men, his techniques and trained eye for overall composition emulates, and in some cases, surpasses his family members. Highly believable in his presentations, de Breanski sought and found subjects amongst the gardens and oceans of Scotland, Wales and England.

De Breanski's style in his depiction of the ships in this work offers an illustration of his priorities when it came to painting. His impressionist fundamentals show through while the qualities of harmonious balance within the composition and the overall reality of the scene make it a complete work.

Note the well thought luminousity of the water-born reflections, and how the backlighting of the lantern on the ship causes the cast shadows to appear in an aggressive manner. Blending his light sources amid the clouds makes the rich depth of the ships stand forth and help impart a sense of easy going motion. Blue essence remains in the evening sky and on the soft reflective peaks and valleys which dance across the turquoise sea. The geography present seems similar to the downs along the northeastern coast of the English channel.

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