Antoniette Brandeis (1849-1920)

Czechoslovakian Citizen of Venice

A true bohemian and adventurous soul propelled the artistic endeavors of Antonietta Brandeis. Born in Czechoslovakia, she lived the great portion of her life in Venice, and became one of the great city-state's resident artists. She still led a traveler's existence, and visited many locales in the Mediterranean region, discovering subjects throughout, especially in the architectural diversity of the ages.

She discovered a methodology to constant success with her art, finding ready patrons for her works of some of the most scenic places in the entire world. She was selling at auction before the 19th century ended, and her paintings continue to be widely and actively sought. Her strength with smaller formats loaded with levels of detailed structures, floral arraignments and vivid coloration are near universal in her works.

Known subjects by the artist are primarily of Venice, but include the Amalfi coast and the French Riviera. While the architectural details are fairly constant in her paintings, she almost always includes a strong human presence as well. Light, bright and with highly desired subject matter, it makes sense that she is highly thought of by galleries, museums and collectors all over the world.

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