David Burliuk (1882-1967)


Noted father of what would be come to be known as ‘futurism', Burliuk was a remarkable painter, as well as a poet, author and renown lecturer the world over. His avant-garde style in each of his professions linked through his personal philosophy to resonate in every work he produced. His paintings evolved through different periods, and hold universal strong coloration and textural impact, while celebrating the joys of simple, uncomplicated life.

Born into a large artistic family in the Ukraine, he studied at art schools in Kazan, Odessa, Munich, Paris and Moscow. He exhibited during his lifetime even wider, from the art centers of Russia, Germany, America and Japan, where he lived briefly. He moved to the U.S. in 1922, and was an instant sensation in the New York's art communities. He became an American citizen in 1930.

Painting was his means to use form, color and texture to present his unique vision of the world, molded into the bright possibilities he believed humanity capable of. His techniques varied, but he was quite adapt at heavy impasto applications and often began by applying colors straight from the tubes to the canvas surface. From beautiful portraiture to his "people in landscape" series of works, he was bold in taking his art to new, then untraveled paths. He achieved much during his life, and it is obvious that appreciation of his talents are becoming more valued.

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