Edouard Adam, Jr. (1868-1938)


Edouard Adam was the name of both a father and son who painted ship's portraits in the port of Le Havre around the same time. There is much confusion between the two as their works were quite similar. Both Adams were the official painters to the department of marine in Le Havre and were well known and prolific marine artists.

The younger Adam usually signed himself "Adam Fils" and was better known for his steamships painted in the first quarter of this century. Adam the elder, who was more prolific, specialized in sailing vessels, but painted steamers as well. He is often regarded as the French equivalent of the master American ship portraitist, Antonio Jacobsen and is noted for recording the crucial transition period of wind power to steam.

In addition to many fine portraits of sailing vessels, both Adams painted commissions of the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique Liners, private yachts and naval ships. A commission from Queen Victoria further attests to their abilities.

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