Edwin Lord Weeks (1849-1903)


The 19th century works of Edwin Lord Weeks captured images of the world's exotic locales and cultures. Well-traveled, his paintings rank among the most important images of the architecture and people of Europe, North Africa, Middle East and the Orient by an American.

Born in the Boston area to a family with a successful import business, weeks began sketching as a teen while traveling with his father on business to the Orient and South America. By twenty, with a few Boston landscapes and historic-themed paintings to his credit, he chose to pursue his art career and left for Paris.

He studied with Jean-Leon Gerome at the Ecoĺe des Beaux-Arts, early on adopting Gerome's painterly style and impressionist values. After a brief working period in Massachusetts in 1872, Weeks began his world travels anew. His style evolved to contain a greater degree of technical precision and detail. An avid photographer, weeks also performed illustrations for Harper's & Scribner's magazines, as well as various books. A 1894 exhibition in the Paris salon increased recognition and demand for his work to the widest levels of his prosperous career.

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