George Gregory (1849-1938)


Gregory is a prime example of an artist little known in his lifetime but who has emerged only recently from the reservoir of wealth that is 19th century British marine artistry. His great knowledge and love of the sea is reflected in the accuracy and merit of the marine oils and watercolors he specialized in.

The son of well known marine artist Charles Gregory, he was born, and lived for 89 years in the village of Cowes on the Isle of Wight, occasionally making passages abroad on sailing ships. He painted the majority of his works in and around the solent, capturing the waterfronts of Portsmouth and Southampton and the great sailing ships that spent their last years in those harbors.

Such was his talent that he was requested by Queen Victoria at one point to teach her children to paint when they stayed at Osborne house near Cowes. He painted a large volume of pictures, and today they are highly regarded by collectors world wide.

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