John Stobart (1929-2023)


Born in Leicester, England, John Stobart began his artistic education at the Derby College of Art in 1946 and then studied at the Royal Academy between 1950-56. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1952 and was elected to the Royal Society of Marine Artists in 1956. Living in Farnham in the 1960s, he began to specialize in paintings of historic deep water sail through which he was to develop a strong following.

In the late sixties, partially due to the increased demand for his work in America, Stobart moved his family to Potomac Falls, near Washington D.C. Promoted by top East Coast galleries and through his own Maritime Heritage Galleries, paintings by Stobart have today become some of the most sought after works of any living marine artist, commanding record prices nationwide.

He has specialized for the last several decades in carefully researched scenes of 19th Century American seaports which have become very popular with collectors of both his originals and limited prints. Combined with his books, lectures and other related activities, Stobart has proven to be a very successful artist of the 20th (& 21st) Century.

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