John Scott (fl.1840-1872)


John Scott was a Newcastle painter who worked in oils. He is noted for his strong capacity in the skillful handling of detail and his more than competent treatment of sea and sky. His style has been favorably compared to that of British marine artist William John Huggins in its quality and appeal.

Scott was considered one of the most professional of the ship portraitists who worked in the area around Newcastle-on-Tyne around the mid-point of the nineteenth century. Many of his works include topographical references to the Tyne and England's northeast coast, particularly the district of North Shields which served as the setting for the majority of his paintings.

Noted as an artist who, during his career, introduced a fresh treatment in the portrayal of waves and the surface of the sea, Scott's works are today sought after for their strong artistic merit and historical appeal. His paintings are executed with particular care taken in the creation of a strong sense of movement and attention to the elusive elements of marine atmosphere.

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