William W. Lowe (1940-)


William Lowe's sincere interest in all things maritime originates from his many years of living and boating along the coasts of Southern California. He took to his artistic talents as a young man, and used his natural ability with color to work in the paint manufacturing industry as a professional color matcher. He now pursues his marine art career on a full-time basis.

Ships and the sea have always inspired his brushes, and his principle method involves a process of exacting research to produce a rough pencil draft, and then interpreting the composition with an aggressive use of oil and his impressionistic stroke. He works the layers of paint to arrive at his compositions, full of value and details which add the realistic depth to his paintings. He also works in watercolors to produce a variety of atmospheric emotions and suggestive marine subjects.

A long-time participant with the American Society of Marine Artists, Lowe was recognized by his peers and made a signature artist member of the society in 2004. He has exhibited works at both the prestigious Mystic Seaport International Marine Art Show and the Coos Bay Maritime Art Exhibit. He has won many awards including a first place award at the Ventura County Maritime Museum A.S.M.A. art competitions, also a best of show award at the American Society Of Marine Artists, Region five show at the San Diego Maritime Museum. His works have been shown in many A.S.M.A. East Coast Museum exhibitions and he was illustrated in the 30th Anniversary of the American Society Of Marine Artists "CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN MARINE ART" edition. Lowe's artistic horizon has expanded with his greater exposure and the recognition of his artistic talents, and his works are currently represented by the Vallejo Gallery in Newport Beach, California.

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