Albert Ludovici, Jr. (1852-1932)


Following the profession of his father, Albert Sr., Albert Ludovici Jr. spent his life between the cities of Paris and London, painting scenes of society at leisure. His genre paintings were found to be most popular, but he also painted a succession of landscapes and interior scenes, in both watercolor and gouache as well as the more prominent oil.

Ludovici primarily exhibited his paintings in London. He participated in exhibitions from 1884 until 1923, and he joined the Society of British Artists in 1881, an organization of which his father had served as treasurer. He featured his works in the Society's Winter Shows of 1886-87 and 1889-89, and joined their executive committee during this reign as well.

His adoption of focusing his subjects primarily on the interaction of couples, whether in public places or from the private moments within their homes and lives, give his paintings universal appeal. His works are reflective of James MacNeil Whistler, a fellow Society member whom Ludovici counted as a close friend and corresponded with about art and life.