Anthony Thieme (1888-1954)


One of the most popular artists associated with the Rockport School, Anthony Thieme was born in Rotterdam, Holland. His early training in fine art was taken under George Hacker at the Royal Acadamie of Fine Arts in the Hague. He also studied at the German Academy and later under Italian masters Garlobini and Mancini.Emigrating to America in the 1920's, Thieme first settled in New York City. Later, while in search of picturesque locales for his paintings, he would discover and become enamored with the area around Cape Ann, Massachusetts. He soon established a studio in the village of Rockport where he lived and painted for the remainder of his life, creating a prestigious output of distinctive paintings.Widely recognized as one of the most influential artists of the Rockport School, Thieme's work was exhibited in Belgium, France, Holland and throughout the United States, including the National Academy (1930-34) and the Art Institute of Chicago (1930). His paintings won awards at almost every venue where they were shown.

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