Arthur Wellington Fowles (1815-1883)


An artist of significant reputation and merit, Arthur Wellington Fowles is generally regarded as the British equivalent of the noted American marine artist, James E. Buttersworth. Where Buttersworth often portrayed vessels of the New York Yacht Club, Fowles flourished as official painter to England's prestigious Royal Yacht Squadron.

Fowles was born in the town of Ryde on the Isle of Wight and remained there to work his entire life, giving him opportunity and access to the great yachts of the early days of British racing. Some of his widest fame was earned in visually documenting the Schooner America's first campaign in England that would earn the 100-Guinea Cup trophy that would become the prestigious America's Cup.

The importance of the Isle of Wight location and many important yachting regattas helped Fowles make his mark within the history of marine painting and yachting lore. He received multiple direct commissions for his elegant yacht portraits by owners of the most renown racing and cruising yachts of the Victorian Period. Today Fowles' paintings are sought after by knowing connoisseurs and collectors of the Golden Age of British yachting.

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