Carl G. Evers (1907-2000)

German-born American

Carl G. Evers was a 20th Century maritime artist known for his extraordinary detail and accuracy in representing working ships both from merchant and naval fleets. Born in Germany, his British father was a marine engineer and his mother was an artist, so he was encouraged early to the study of ships and in how to depicting them in art. As a young man he studied in the U.K. and then Sweden before emigrating to the United States in 1947.

Evers matched his artistic skill with extensive research and sketching, pouring over ship's plans and when possible directly observing the ship in question. It wasn't long before prestigious institutions like the U.S. Naval Institute took notice and commissioned his work. Shipping lines like United Fruit, Cunard, Grace, Farrell and Moran Towing requested portraits of their vessels. Evers spent 13 years painting scenes of Philadelphia harbor for the Philadelphia Electric Company. He painted book covers for publishers Ballantine and Simon and Schuster and magazine covers for many more periodicals including Reader's Digest, Yachting and the Saturday Evening Post. He was a member of ASMA, the Navy League, the Artists Guild and the Society of Illustrators.

Works by Carl Evers can be found in the collections of:
South Street Seaport Museum
The Mariners' Museum
The U.S. Naval Institute
The Reader's Digest Collection
The collections of shipping lines Cunard, Grace Lines and Farrell Lines
as well as many other fine public and private collections.

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