Charles J. Waldron (1836-1883)

Liverpool School

Irish born Liverpool artist Charles Waldron enjoyed an excellent vantage point for observing the never ending variety of ships and boats that entered Liverpool Harbor at his studio across the Mersey River in Seacombe. At this location he also practiced his trade as an "oil and colour merchant".

Much of Waldron's work was painted for export, particularly to America. His penchant for painting American flag vessels probably derived from his involvement with supplying the visiting ships with paints and oil as many used the turnaround time in Liverpool for a general overhall and repaint. This was an excellent opportunity for Waldron to note individual details of the ships.

Waldron specialized in ship's portraits, but made no attempt to break into the local art scene preferring to paint for relaxation. His works were of a very high standard, usually on large imposing canvases. His handling of the sea is quite accomplished and his vessels show many fine identifying characteristics.

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