Charles Rosner (1894-1975)


Born to a doctor's family in Langendorf, Germany, Charles Rosner's childhood included family holidays in the Port of Kolberg. During these visits he developed a fascination for the sea and the vessels which plied its ways.

He went on to serve aboard the sailing ships he admired as a youth and accumulated an impressive five cape horn passages before leaving the sailor's life in Iquique, Peru at the onset of the first world war. While there he worked in copper mines for the war's duration, which assuredly helped his passion for traveling resurface.

The artist then emigrated to Canada and onward to America, where he soon married and established a permanent home in New York. Rosner's affinity for the sea propelled him into a commitment as a full-time marine painter of historic sailing vessels, and other sea-faring subjects. It is written that the quality of his work, some later reproduced as chromolithographs, deserved more recognition during his lifetime. Today his artistic accomplishment is apparent through the collections and museums that include Charles Rosner.

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