Edward Seago (1914-1974)


Edward Seago enjoyed the position as one of the most popular British artists of the 20th century. He began painting at the age of seven when he was confined to his room with a heart condition. Later, fully recovered, he would study with Bernard Priestman.

He became a successful illustrator in the 1930's, working for, among others, England's poet laureate of the sea, John Masefield. After serving with the royal engineers in WWII, he would spend the remainder of his life painting and writing. He was an avid sailor which is evident in the accuracy and flavor of his sea paintings.

Exhibiting widely, his famous one man shows at Colnaghi's would usually sell out on the first day. People were known to line up by 6 am to secure the painting of their choice. Examination of Seago's work shows the influence of the Dutch 17th century school and British artists such as John Constable. His two greatest influences however were the French impressionist Eugene Boudin and American painter James McNeil Whistler.

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