Frank Harmon Myers (1899-1956)


An Ohio-born artist and art instructor, Myers visited the West coast in 1926 and was instantly struck anew with a deep passion for painting ocean scenes. Before this, he was encouraged early on by his amateur-artist mother, and formally trained with Frank Duveneck at the Cincinnati Art Academy. From there he went on to study at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art and the School of Fine Art in Fontainebleau, France. He taught at the Cincinnati Academy for 23 years, and specialized early in abstractions, landscapes and portraits. But his overwhelming artistic output would be seascapes of the Monterey Peninsula. Moving to Pacific Grove in 1940, he was "a vital force"in the region's art world, writes noted Californian art historian E.M. Hughes.

Myers was a member of the Cincinnati Art Club, Macdowell Society, Carmel Art Association (for which he served as president briefly) and the Society for Sanity in Art. He exhibited in major California and southwest museums.

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