Frederick Tudgay (1841-1921)


Frederick Tudgay, youngest member of and considered the most talented of the prestigious Tudgay family of marine artists, produced throughout his career an impressive body of ship portraiture. Working occasionally in collaboration with his father, John, it was Frederick's talent for portraying detail and his draftsmanlike technique that drew the attention of the maritime community.

Frederick Tudgay worked as a painter of ship interiors for the Green Shipyard in Blackwall, giving him direct access to study ship design and construction techniques. Besides his noted accuracy, his works are appealing for the strong artistic merit seen in his treatment of sea, sky and background elements.

Working in London during the last half of the 19TH Century, the Tudgays painted almost exclusively on direct commission from owners and captains, producing accurate ship portraits known for their fidelity to vessel design. Today, their works are considered important examples of British marine painting, sought after by knowledgeable collectors the world over.

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