George Parker Greenwood (fl.1870-1910)


Parker Greenwood was an accomplished Liverpool artist well known for his ship portraiture, which included many of the impressive Atlantic liners, painted on direct commissions from the Cunard & White Star Lines. He depicted the graceful sailing greyhounds of the 19th century, as well as a great variety of shipping and maritime activities. Greenwood was considered by many to be the last true pier head painter under the Liverpool School.

Painting primarily oil on canvas, the accomplished artist was most active in Liverpool between the years of 1881-1894. His address remained there after 1895, however he apparently painted or exhibited elsewhere, possibly for a time in America since his works are displayed in several reputable West Coast American museums.

As paintings by Parker Greenwood continue to surface with slow regularity, we are perpetually reminded of his obvious talent to paint stirring atmosphere and eventful, memorable scenes.

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