Joseph Honoré Maxime Pellegrin (1793-1869)


The ship portraitists of the Mediterranean ports, particularly those of the Eastern Seaboards, produced their works on paper, using primarily gouache, an opaque form of watercolors. The most accomplished practitioners of this technique were the prolific Roux Family and their contemporary, Honore Pellegrin.Pellegrin worked in the French seaport of Marseilles during the Second and Third Quarters of the 19th Century. His work is characteristic of the Marseilles School, usually featuring the seaport's topography to form the paintings' background He commanded a pleasing and naturalistic style that make his works some of the most appealing of this Marine School.Widely recognized for the scope of his output and consistent high quality, paintings by Honore Pellegrin are substantially represented in numerous museum collections worldwide. The prestigious Peabody Museum in Salem, Massachusetts displays no less than 27 original works by this artist.

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