Louis Aston Knight (1873-1948)


Spending the majority of his artistic career in Paris, American-born Knight studied with the prestigious French Academie Julian, under Lefebvre and Tony-Robert-Fleury. His father, famous genre and figure painter Daniel Ridgway Knight, instructed his son continually during his life, working alongside him in France.

At 17, knight exhibited and won a medal in the Paris exposition of 1900, three years after he first began showing with the Paris salons. He followed this with more than 15 other exhibitions, winning at least seven gold medals. He specialized in landscape scenes, performed much in his father's expanded Plein-Air style. He signed his works with a variety of contexts, often including "Paris" as the place of final execution of his world locales.

His paintings earned him wide public acclaim, both for his charm of light, color and application as well as the international locations. By choice, Knight universally included bodies of water in his works. Bays, harbors, rivers and the world's oceans all found their way onto his canvases.

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