Louis Macouillard (1913-1987)


A native San Francisco artist who hit national recognition with a six-page illustrated spread in the Oct. 1943 edition of Life magazine, Macouillard possessed a driven spark which made him a success as a fine artist, commercial illustrator, boat builder, naval officer and husband. The Life magazine piece combined all of these, being his illustrated "Wordless Love Letters" to his then fiancé, Grace Harrison, an actress and novelist.

Among his many accomplishments, the navy lieutenant designed two U.S. postage stamps, built one of the first tri-marans ever, and had successful shows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He favored scenes of San Francisco Bay and sailing but was diverse and capable with his subjects. He once told a reporter that too much is made of the artistic struggle and it is nonsense to starve. The San Francisco art critic Dean Wallace once wrote of the artist that "one could scarcely demand a higher degree of painterly skill."

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