Luigi Loir (1845-1916)


An artist of undeniable ability and powers of observation, Luigi Loir would become one of the foremost painters of views of Paris. His early popularity was gained with his commissions to paint murals and ceilings, including many at the Chateaux du Diable in 1866, a year after he debuted at the Paris Salon to high acclaim. His early studies were with Jean Amable Amedee Pastelot, focused on mural work, with blended landscapes and fauna.

His presentations often found humans as the forward subject matter, but with great panoramic distances following long throughways carrying as far as one could see in real life. Nice architectural details come forth in many works, and always the individual approach to his sense of light that makes the radiant skies of France come to cool life. He was among the very first artists to glamorize the urban lifestyle of the late 19th Century.

Loir's primary patrons proved to be the museums of France and the City of Paris. Through a direct military assignment in 1870, he created visual images of the battles, but also of the many faces of the people of Paris, which earned him the designation as the official painter of the Boulevards. Twenty-eight years later he would earn the country's Legion of Honor award for his lifetime of dedication and outstanding art.

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