Marcel Dyf (1899-1985)


Known as a ‘pure impressionist', Marcel Dyf specialized in capturing life's varied forms of existence. Well-known in his native country and throughout the western art world, Dyf painted a substantial number of marine paintings, landscapes, nudes and floral scenes. The Romani, or gypsies, held special importance in his emotional and artistic pursuits, often becoming the subjects of his scenes.

Dyf traveled extensively, and painted the locales he visited in Africa, America and Europe. His landscapes of the Provence region of France rank amongst his best works. Such works would likely contain his strong use of aggressive coloration and a rebelliousness which allowed Dyf to stray along impressionist lines while remaining true to the emotional portrayal of his subjects.

The artist moved to Cannes in 1950 and established a studio. His wife Claudine often posed for his inspiration. His works of this era won him acclaim with patrons and critics. At his best painting scenes of emotional content of the French pastoral and coastal landscapes, he excelled in placing women in his settings. As recognition of his talent continues to rise within international art markets, Dyf's work continues to increase in worth.

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