Miles Walters (1773-1849)


Although Miles Walters is today best known as the father of the pivotal Liverpool ship portraitist, Samuel Walters, he had achieved his own reputation as a marine painter by the time he settled his family in Liverpool in the 1820's.

One of two artistic sons born to John Walters, a boat builder in Ilfracombe, Devon, Miles served an apprenticeship as a shipwright and then spent thirteen years as a merchant seaman before turning to a full time career as an artist. He is known to have exhibited, along with his son Samuel, at the Liverpool Academy as early as 1831.

Paintings by Miles Walters were created in a seaman-like style, usually featuring a formal, stylized sea and very pleasing compositional qualities. Using a technique that bordered on folk-art, his backgrounds and vessels are filled with interesting and authentic detail and his talent at coloration is considered exceptional.

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