Paul L. Maze (1887-1979)

French-born Englishman

Born to French parents in the Normandy coast city of Le Havre, Maze developed ties to England through his early formal education across the channel. He would strengthen his connections to both countries in military service during World Wars I & II. He nurtured his artistic passions by traveling to study in Italy in 1914 rather than joining his father's business, when his new career was interrupted. Not to be denied, he established a studio in Paris immediately after the war in 1918. There he was a neighbor, friend and noted member of the art scene alongside of André Derain, André Dunoyer de Segouzac and Paul Vuillard. He later lived and painted in Sussex, England.

Colorful landscapes with traditional subjects are primary in his repertoire, and his works exhibit an accomplished mastery of oil, watercolor and pastel. American scenes by the artist compliment his array of European landscapes. Heavily influenced by the impressionist school, his post-impressionist aggressive applications show a unique strength and style.

Maze befriended Winston Churchill while both were in the Royal Scots Greys and the two remained lifelong friends. Churchill, himself an artist with more than 500 works to his credit, accounts Maze and John Singer Sargent amongst his artistic influences. Churchill also wrote the foreword to Maze's 1934 book, "A Frenchman in Khaki" which recounted much of their war service. Maze retired from the army in 1945 and painted well into his 70s.

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