Peter Monamy (1681-1749)


Monamy felt that a larger object should offset, contrast and balance smaller objects in the picture. In this posture, he is considered the "most distinguished member of the immediate followers of the Dutch tradition". His popularity and success was highlighted by his being awarded the decoration of the gallery at Vauxhall Gardens for marine paintings.

A forerunner of the development of marine art in the 18th century, Monamy was adept at depicting placid scenes with a minimum of action in a unique and descriptive style. As a result of his interest in activity on the Thames, he recorded vessels in a realistic and believable fashion.

Horace Walpole, the English author, stated that; "the shallow waves that rolled under his window taught young Monamy what his master could not teach and fitted him to imitate the turbulence of the ocean". He is considered the first English-born marine artist of stature.

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