Richard Hayley Lever (1876-1958)


American artist Hayley Lever was born in Adelaide, New South Wales, Australia. After his artistic studies in Paris, London and New York, he settled permanently in Manhattan in 1911. By 1915 he was considered one of the most celebrated artists in New York City.

Profoundly influenced by the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Lever's paintings immediately began to attract the attention of American collectors across the country. He soon developed a solid reputation as one of the leading painters of his time, creating strong impressionistic works filled with dramatic light and color.

His inclusion in many of the country's most acclaimed public collections and his extensive exhibition and award history among the most prestigious venues of his day such as the National Academy and the National Arts Club, attest to Lever's unique talent. Today, prices for his work are still considered below what would reflect his celebrated lifetime of achievement.

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