Thomas Buttersworth, Jr. (1797-1842)


Thomas Buttersworth Jr. was the middle son of the most famous family of maritime artists in history. Son of well-regarded artist Thomas Buttersworth Sr., Thomas Buttersworth Jr. was father to James E. Buttersworth, perhaps the most well-regarded maritime artist that has ever lived and the one whose work is most desired by collectors.

Not many details of Buttersworth Jr.'s life have survived and for many years art historians believed he didn't exist- that he and Thomas Buttersworth Sr. were the same artist. While Thomas Jr.'s output was fairly extensive, because he rarely signed his work or signed it Thomas Buttersworth it was often mistaken for that of his father.

Thomas Buttersworth Sr. served in the Royal Navy, so when tutoring his son in art he was able not only to impart artistic methods but also his knowledge of ships, naval actions and the ever changing conditions of life at sea. Clearly he also passed this knowledge down to James E. Buttersworth who like his father and grandfather was well known for a high level of detail and dramatic scenes.

All three artists greatly contributed to the record of naval history during their lives, painting ships and battles that were prominent when they happened.

The artist married and had one child, James E. in 1817.

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