Vallejo Gallery
Director's Statement
Welcome to the Vallejo Gallery

       elcome to Vallejo Gallery's online window into the world of Maritime and Marine Themed Art and Artifacts. Since 1972, I have been searching the world over for the best examples of marine art. We have established this portal to connect with those who have yet to discover our gallery, and to offer a convenient avenue for our friends to view selections from the gallery when they are unable to visit in person.

    Our primary focus is to offer our clients a great selection from the finest artists to paint the sea and seaside life over the last four centuries. From the great masters who documented the life of sailing ships and their crews, to the artists of the Barbizon and Hudson River Schools who painted luminous views of Venice and nearer shores, to the impressionists and post-impressionists enamored of the life along the seashore, to the artists of today, all shared our passion for the sea. Naming a few of the artists is enough to establish the type and quality of art we feature: F.A. Silva, William Bradford, Robert Salmon, Eugene Boudin, Antonio Jacobsen, Montague Dawson & James E. Buttersworth make a nice beginning, with hundreds of other artists over the years. We employ the services of the finest painting conservationists and frame gilders available to compliment these historic works.

    Beyond the art, the gallery houses a wide array of the best quality nautical artifacts and maritime instruments to be found. We have a large collection of ship models; from fine Dockyard Steam Yachts, Half-Block Builders models, Sailor-built Antiques, to the finest contemporary examples. We specialize in Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War Bone Ship Models and our artifact collection from this era is of exceptional merit. We often have one-of-a-kind artifacts whether it be the unique art of the sailor's hand or the figurehead which adorned the bow of his ship. Having a high quality inventory and a history of having the world's finest maritime pieces pass through our hands allows us to offer our clients great choices when looking to acquire such things, and a great perspective of the object's place in history.

    We are one of the very few purveyors of the art of the whaleman and of the artifacts of his journeys. We have several sailor-made woolwork pictures and carvings. We carry examples of nearly all types of navigation instruments, from 17th Century backstaffs to 20th Century clockwork beauties by Chelsea of Boston. The collection is completed with an array of campaign furniture, sea boxes, bronze and iron cannon, swords, deep-sea diving equipment, maps, charts and just about anything and everything else that relates to our maritime heritage.

    Our clients include many fine institutions and museums worldwide, foundations and private collections including the Smithsonian Institution, The Shanghai Maritime Museum, The Australian Maritime Museum, the Glasgow Transport Museum and the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

    Whatever your interest, if it relates to humanity's effort to travel the boundless seas, and of the artistic endeavors to capture its primal majesty, we wish to discuss your wants and find the right artifact or painting for you. Our website is frequently updated and join our mailing list to be kept updated on our most recent discoveries.

Our selection of ship models numbers more than 150 at any moment

    We work directly with our clients, ensuring that everyone is completely satisfied with every purchase.

Joe Vallejo