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POW French Prisoner of War 74 Gun Bone Model
Napoleonic Period, 1794 to 1814
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POW French Prisoner of War 74 Gun Bone Model
Napoleonic Period, 1794 to 1814

23¼ Inches Overall Length with 13½ Waterline  Circa 1800 
17 1/4 x 7 Inch Base 

Sailing among the massive 100-plus Gun First Rates of the Napoleonic Sailing Warships, the French and British Navies were well represented by a vast number of capable vessels. The single classification that most belonged to would be the 72-to-82 Gun Ships that made up the French Standard and British Third-Rate classes. Considered to be both the ‘Backbone of the British Royal Navy’ and the French Admiralty’s most versatile warship, these Men-Of-War saw more of the naval combat in this era than any other type.

A sharp and finely carved ship model, a Trojan Warrior Figurehead holds the bow forward, shield and sword at the ready, with traditional carved rope line rails, and catted anchors, followed by a bell in its belfry and a deck capstan and barrels. The hull is pinned and planked, with contrasting gunwales between the decks of cannons, their ports painted the traditional blood red. The finely carved stern and quarter galleries echo the elite cabins of the officer’s living quarters. The base fits the model perfectly in style and size.

This work of precise modelers art was made in a British wartime prison, and it records the French pride the skillful makers held for their naval ships. Where most of the Prisoner-made models were of British ships, to find a ready market sale through the guards, this particular 74-Gun warship still held the French identity of her artisans. A great example of this elusive and sought after nautical art form.

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