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19th Century United States Naval One-pound Turret Cannon

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76 inches overall with a 53 inch height, 37mm Bore
Dated 1897 Framed

An extremely rare Unites States Navy One-Pound Turret Cannon, this is a naval artifact of a type almost never available. The gun is marked “Driggs Ord. Co. Inc. N.Y. CITY 1 PDR MOUNT MARK II NO 5 1897. Wt.235Lbs.” The brass yoke collar is marked “FOR 1 PDR GUN ORD. DEPT W, NY 1898.” The weapon is set into a steel pylon base that bolts to its preferred surface. Such cannons were in place in the Spanish-American War and beyond, seeing use as coastal and ship board defense against torpedo boats and other hostile vessels. Many were later put into anti-aircraft service.

This precision cannon has its external sighting hardware in place, and the breech loading mechanism is in perfect working order. The barrel is rifled and in excellent condition. With a reported accurate range of 1000 yards and beyond, with an 11 degree elevation such barrels are reported to shoot up to 3,500 yards. Each round of ammo, made by Winchester Arms of New York, measured 37 x 137 mm and would pack approximately .15 pound of black powder and TNT mixed. Several companies made one of the 15 editions of this style One-Pound Cannon, including Hotchkiss and Maxim-Nodenfeldt, as well as Driggs-Schroeder. A big plus is the original ammunition crate with 18 inert rounds, and a second box with more cartridges without powder or primers. Yes, we believe it is legal to fire in safe settings, as it is a breech-load gun made prior to the 1899 convention date.