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Ainsley Sextant
South Shields, England

The instrument is signed Ainsley, South Shields. The box includes labels from F. Lundy, Gt. Grimsby and Thomas C. Sargent, Thames St., Rotherhithe, London.

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Brass Cased Pocket Compass and Sundial
by L. Casella of London, England

A brass pocket compass and equatorial sundial with original box. Marked L. Casella, Maker to the Admiralty & Ordnance, London.

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Cased Octant by WF Cannon of London
Ebony and Brass with Bone

A fine navigational instrument made of ebony and brass with bone, housed in a mahogany case.

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Fine Carved Mahogany and Brass Gimballed Marine Barometer
by I. & A. Walker, Liverpool

With outstanding carving and bone scales this is one of the finest examples of marine gimballed barometers, sought after by collectors.

A barometer of this quality would have been reserved exclusively for a captain's stateroom and salon. Many were gifts from ship owners to their captains.

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High Quality 19th Century All Brass Telescope and Tripod
with Original Case


An impressive and large brass celestial and terrestrial sighting telescope on a solid brass tripod base. A spectacular presentation, the brass has been lacquered to maintain polish. Included is the original box with extra lenses.

Primary Instrument Barrel Measures 64 Inches, barrel with shade measures 46 Inches
Overall Adjustable Height to Yoke 83 Inch Maximum, Lowered to 58 Inches Minimum
4 Inch Lens

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Mahogany Carved Twist Gimballed Barometer by I. Cail
Newcastle, England

A fine quality brass and mahogany carved twist gimballed barometer with the original thermometer and a bone knob. This is the rarest and most desirable type of barometer.
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