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Omoo by Herman Melville
First Edition in Hard Slip Cover Case

Original First Edition by this classic American novelist.
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Two Maritime Engravings of Naval Actions
The Taking of Gibralter and The Sea Fight of Malaga

Two period engravings of naval actions are mounted in an antique burl frame.

On the left, "The Taking of Gibraltar" shows a fleet of English ships in the Bay of Gibraltar, facing the Rock of Gibraltar." This engraving bears the name Hulett Sculp in the lower right.

On the right, "The Sea Fight of Malaga, August 13, 1703" depicts nearly 50 ships at battle off Malaga. This engraving is signed C.Du.B of c. Fecit, and at the bottom reads, "Publish'd According to Act of Parliament"

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Montague Dawson
British (1895-1973)

Fine Weather and a Fair Wind Yachting Print
Hand Signed and Blind Stamped Print

One of 250 prints made of this image in 1946, hand signed in pencil, by the artist in the lower right and in the lower left bearing the Frost and Reed blind stamp.

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Montague Dawson
British (1895-1973)

Racing Home, the CUTTY SARK
Hand Signed and Blind Stamped Print

Part of a closed edition of 300 done in 1963, hand signed by the artist in pencil on the right. In the lower left is the blind stamp of Frost and Reed, the gallery who represented Dawson during his lifetime.

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Attack On Forts Hatters and Clark
American Civil War Lithograph

More information to follow.

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Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California
Sepia-Lithograph printed by Kurtz & Allison, Chicago

An exceedingly rare and desirable image of Avalon from the turn of the century. Nestled safely at Catalina Islandís southeast channel, the town is the emotional and economic heart of the island. Shown here are important early buildings, such as 1890's Holly Hill House on the foreground ridge and Hotel Metropole at the shore in front of steamer pier. More than half the town shown would be lost in a 1915 fire. Combined with the natural topography and the diverse marine activity shown in the bay, it is a complete scene.

An absolute Southern California destination for tourists and locals, Catalina Island has hosted and served as home to humans for centuries. Europeans first made landings in the late 16th Century. It evolved through a series of ownerships and visions to be popular resort destination by the 1890s. Shown in the bay are an arriving passenger steamship, most likely one of the Wilmington Transportation ships out of Long Beach. Among the other various craft and numerous glass bottomed boats for underwater viewing is the most prominent of these ships, the Sidewheeler CLEOPATRA. In all, the islandís population was estimated to be about 500 in the winter, and 8,000 during the summer, and they all traveled by ship.

The lithograph presents the town from a birdís-eye-view. The sharply colored image is in a complete matte border to present the title fully, while another edition of this print was later done in color accents with a border. This image is pictured in the book California on Stone by Peters on page 41 and as number 56 in Views & Viewmakers of Urban America by reps. This original print is one of only five we have seen to date of either version.

Image measures 17" x 23", with Title block 19" x 25" - Framed size is: 31" x 37"

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