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Available Works

        •American Cast Brass Dolphin Binnacle
        •Bosun's Whistles
        •Scrimshaw Whale Tooth, American Brig HELEN
        •Scrimshaw Whale Tooth, American Brig HELEN

        •S.S. REPUBLIC Bound West
 ::Edouard ADAM, JR.
        •Portrait of S.S. PLEIADES
 ::Edouard ADAM, SR.
        •The Blackwall Frigate ALUMBAGH At Anchor
 ::Anonymous ARTIST
        •Heading Out
        •American Ship CORRA LINN in Two Positions
        •CSS ALABAMA Sinks the Whaler VIRGINIA
        •Painting on Silk of the American Ship CORNELL
 ::Elisha Taylor BAKER
        •Schooner MADAWASKA MAID
 ::James BARD
        •BLACK WARRIOR at Sea
 ::Arthur BEAUMONT
        •Aircraft Carrier USS ENTERPRISE
 ::James BELL
        •Sailor-Made, Oil on Milk Glass of S.S. TEMPLEMORE
 ::William BRADFORD
        •Sunrise off Grand Manan Island, 1860
        •American Steam Schooner Meets British Frigates Crossing the English Channel
        •H.M.S. Shannon Boards U.S.S. Chesapeake off Boston
        •PURITAN Races Towards The Narrows Off Brooklyn
        •The PHILLIP R. PAULDING in New York Harbor
        •The Start of the Great 1866 Transatlantic Yacht Race
 ::Thomas CHAMBERS
        •Barkentine LINNET off Hong Kong
        •Full-Rigged British Ship Off Hong Kong
        •GLANDINORWIG off Hong Kong
        •PEGASUS Off the China Coast
        •Ship FRANK CARVILL off Hong Kong
        •MOSCOW of Boston
 ::Charles COHILL
        •Rare American Portrait of Whale Ship Captain Moses Nickerson
 ::William A. COULTER
        •John Barneson's WESTWARD Off Point Cavallo San Francisco
 ::Frederick S. COZZENS
        •RED JACKET Under Shortened Sail
        •The Clipper Ship SWEEPSTAKES
        •Match Race Challenge, RAMBLER vs MADELINE, 1872
        •Reaching After the Cup
 ::George CURTIS
        •The Broken Mast
 ::Julian O. DAVIDSON
        •Near Iona Island on the Hudson
 ::Montague DAWSON
        •Schooner Races Around the Mark
        •British Submarine H.M.S. SEALION Rescues a P-51 Mustang Pilot
        •Nearing Home, The HELICON
        •Ship J.N. Cushing of Newburyport
        •Ships That Pass
        •The Clipper BLUE JACKET
 ::Tomaso DE SIMONE
        •British Schooner Anchored at Naples
        •Whalers Drying Sails
 ::William EDGAR
        •Barkentine THOMAS P. EMIGH
 ::Anton Otto FISCHER
        •The Dreadnought Battleship U.S.S. WYOMING of 1911
 ::Gordon Hope GRANT
 ::Michel S. GREBYEM
        •U.S.S. MAINE Entering Havana Harbor and U.S. Fleet at San Juan
 ::George M. HATHAWAY
        •Coming Through the Mists, Maine Harbor
 ::William John HUGGINS
        •The Northern Whale Fishery
 ::John HUGHES
        •American Full-Rigged Ship M.P. GRACE
 ::Abraham HULK, SR.
        •Fishing Boats at Sunset
 ::Antonio JACOBSEN
        •New York Yacht Club Fleet Race, 1889 PALMER Leading ATALANTA
 ::Edward MORAN
        •Shipping Off Governor's Island
        •Ship BENGAL
        •Bark AMY
        •Great Lakes Tugboat CALUMET
 ::Mark MYERS
        •North by Northwest - BALCLUTHA in the Pacific
 ::Charles Robert PATTERSON
        •All Hands on the Mainstay
 ::Joseph Honoré Maxime PELLEGRIN
        •Brig PANDORA Under Attack
 ::John Eric Christian PETERSEN
        •Rescue of the ROYAL ALBERT
 ::Charles S. RALEIGH
        •Ship LUCY G. DOW
 ::Michele RENAULT
        •Ship HOUGHTON Entering Leghorn
 ::Antoine ROUX, JR.
        •The Brig THEODORE Captured by a Corsair
 :: Robert SALMON
        •On the Clyde
        •Whitehaven Quay
 ::Henry SCOTT
        •Stunsails Wide
 ::Warren SHEPPARD
        •Yacht CORNELIA at the New York Yacht Club Regatta
 ::Archibald Cary SMITH
        •Catboats on Oyster Bay, Long Island
 ::Joseph B. SMITH
        •Schooner AURELIA P. HOWE
 ::Xanthus SMITH
        •Visiting Day at the US Life Saving Service
        •Ship N.B. PALMER off the Golden Gate
 ::Alexander Charles STUART
        •Full Rigged Ship GATHERER
 ::David THIMGAN
        •British 12-Metre Yacht SCEPTRE in a Match Race
 ::William TORGERSON
        •Yachts Racing on the Great Lakes
 ::Henry E. TOZER
        •Sidewheeler in Heavy Seas with LIGHTSHIP
 ::John TUDGAY
        •The Barque SCOTLAND Off Dover in Two Positions
 ::James Gale TYLER
        •Schooner Yacht WATER WITCH in New York Harbor
 ::Hernando Gonzallo VILLA
        •A Bone In Her Teeth
 ::Samuel WALTERS
        •Clipper LUCY S WILLS off the Skerries
 ::Miles WALTERS
        •GIPSEY in Three Positions Off Egremont
 ::Samuel WALTERS
        •American Packet CHAMPLAIN
 ::Isiah WHYTE
        •Battle of Boston Harbor, USS CHESAPEAKE and HMS SHANNON
 ::James W. WILLIAMS
        •Outward Bound
 ::Thomas WILLIS
        •American Gaff-Rigged Cutter
        •Steam Yacht NIAGARA
        •American Schooner of the New York Yacht Club
 ::Samuel Henry WILSON
        •Shipping in the River Humber Off Hull, England

        •Portrait Mrs. E.R Le Marchant
        •Portrait Of Captain Evelyn R. Le Marchant
 ::Henry BACON
        •Dreaming Anew
 ::Reynolds BEAL
        •Narragansett Bay & Newport, Rhode Island 1902
 ::Gifford BEAL
        •Rounding the Mark
 ::James BONAR
        •Massachusetts Harbor of Mattapoisett
 ::Eugene BOUDIN
        •La Seine à Mailleraye près de Quillebeuf, Normandie
 ::Alfred Thompson BRICHER
        •The Open Coast
 ::David BURLIUK
        •Lovers at Santa Monica Bluff
 ::Charles CAMOIN
 ::Conrad Wise CHAPMAN
        •The Beach at Trouville
        •Hong Kong and Victoria Peak Circa 1855
        •View of the Hongs, Canton
 ::Alson Skinner CLARK
        •Santa Monica Summer
 ::Gustave COURBET
        •La Cote du Mer
 ::Ramon DILLEY
        •La Swann, l'ete, du Cote des Cures Marines
 ::William Raymond DOMMERSEN
        •Lighthouse at Tholen
 ::Anton Otto FISCHER
        •Pirates Giving Chase
 ::Francois GALL
        •A Day at the Beach
 ::Charles F. GERRARD
        •Regatta in Sydney Harbour
 ::Duncan GLEASON
        •Fighting Ladies of 1815
 ::Jack L. GRAY
        •Fishing Off New Harbour, Nova Scotia
 ::Mauritz F.H. de HAAS
        •Daybreak on the East Coast
        •Venice in the Rain
 ::Childe HASSAM
        •Church Point, Portsmouth
 ::Camille HILAIRE
        •Cunard-White Star Lines R.M.S. QUEEN MARY and Moet Chandon Original Advertising Art
 ::Richard Hayley LEVER
        •U.S. Battleships Down the Hudson
 ::Luigi LOIR
        •The Pier at Trouville
 ::Gustave LOISEAU
        •L’Avant Port de Fécamp
 ::Maximilien LUCE
        •Sandrecourt, Le Chemin au Bord de la Riviere
 ::Maxime MAUFRA
        •La Vieux Bateau, Morgat
 ::Francis Luis MORA
        •On The Beach Valencia
 ::Thomas MORAN
        •Sunset View of the Gateway of Venice
        •School of Fish
 ::William Edward NORTON
        •On the Coast of Holland, Fishing Boat Ready for Sea
 ::Millard SHEETS
        •Honolulu Arrival in Pan Am China Clipper
 ::Warren SHEPPARD
        •Reflective Sunrise
        •Sunset Shoreline
 ::Francis A. SILVA
        •Strolling Along the Bluff at Long Branch
        •Breaking Surf
 ::Anthony THIEME
        •The Bowsprit
 ::Franz Richard UNTERBERGER
        •Santa Maria Della Salute with Gondoliers on the Grand Canal
        •Venice Under Sunset
 ::Frederick Judd WAUGH
        •Distant Island

 ::Builders Full Models
        •ACACIA Class Sloop H.M.S. HONEYSUCKLE of 1915
        •Builder's Dockyard Model of a Steam Tender
        •Builders Dockyard Model- Iron Hopper Barge
        •Builders Model Hull of French Iron Clad Warship
        •Full Builders Dockyard Model of Sister Tugs FLYING SWIFT and FLYING LINNET
 ::Builders Half-Model
        •Builder Half Model with Multi Color Lifts
        •Builder's Half Hull Model of the Mary Jose
        •Builders Half Model - American Downeaster
        •Builders Half Model - American Merchant Schooner
        •Builders Half Model of the Yawl WOODBINE with Collection of Ship's Artifacts
        •Builders Half Model Stern Wheel Steamship HERCULES of Portland, Oregon
        •Extremely Rare Builders Half Model of a Double Ended San Francisco Ferry
        •Half Model of the S.S. MEDWAY
        •Half Model of the Ship EXCELSIOR of Maine
        •Half Model of the SS DONNYBROOK
        •Steam Racing Yacht SCUD of 1896  

 ::Contemporary Models
        •American Folk Art Ship Model
        •Clipper Ship COMET of 1851
        •Contemporary Model of the Sailing Yacht AMERICA
        •Full Ship Model - BELTED WILL of Liverpool
        •MISS ENGLAND, 1932
        •Scratch Built Model SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS
 ::Diorama Models
        •Full Rigged Ship JANE
        •Sailors Art Diorama Full Rigged Ship LADY ELIZABETH
        •Steam Sail Ship BRENTWOOD with Original Oil Painting
 ::Dockyard Models
        •Dockyard Model of British Tugboat EMPRESS OF INDIA
        •Steam Steel Screw Tug CRUISER
 ::Folk Art Models
        •American Sailor Made Folk Art Diorama
 ::Miscellaneous Artifacts
        •Silver Plated Gaff Rigged Cutter
 ::Other Models
        •Bone and Teak Ship Model
        •US Navy Model of a Foote Class Torpedo Boat
 ::Period Models
        •Cased Half Model of Lifeboat-National Lifeboat Institute
        •Sailor, scratch Built Model Of The Full Rigged Four Masted Ship LOCHNESS
 ::Pond Models
        •Center Board Sloop Pond Model
        •Pond Model With Lock In Rudder
 ::Prisoner-of-War Models
        •Extremely Large Napoleonic Prisoner of War Bone Model of the H.M.S. CALEDONIA
        •Napoleonic Prisoner of War Boxwood Cased Miniature Model
        •POW 68-Gun Sailing War Ship of the Line
        •POW French Prisoner of War 74 Gun Bone Model
 ::Sailor Crafts
        •Scratch Built Ship Model of the American Brig MERMAID, Boston
 ::Silver and Silver Plated Models
        •ROYAL SOVEREIGN, Silver Sailing Ship Model
        •Scratch Built Twin Stack Sidewheeler Model of an Oceangoing Steamer
        •Silver Presentation Yacht Model of the AMERICA
 ::Steam Models
        •Live Steam Launch Ship Model BAT
        •Live Steam Model of a Speedboat
 ::Toy Models
        •PRIDE OF BRITAIN III, Wood Toy Boat by Bing
        •JOHN CARVER, American Whale Bark Model
 ::Original art
        •Solent Ones Rounding the Lepe Mark

 ::Boylhart Collection
        •William Boylhart 50-Year Collection of Marine Antiques, Part II
 ::Lighthouse Artifacts
        •Trinity Lighthouse Box - Top Inlaid With British Naval Vessel, Schooner and Lighthouse on Shore.
 ::Miscellaneous Artifacts
        •Large Iron Armada Chest, 17th Century Strong Box
 ::Prisoner-of-War Artifacts
        •Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Bone Automated Spinning Jenny
        •Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Bone Automated Spinning Jenny
        •Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Bone Automation - Spinning Jenny
        •Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Straw Box
 ::Sailor Crafts
        •Folk Pin Cushion with Wood Base and Whalebone, Red Velvet Cushion
        •Rare Dark Brown Glass Rolling Pin
        •REMEMBER ME, Sailor's Commemorative Glass Rolling Pin
 ::Sailor Woolworks
        •AUSTRALASIAN Off South Sydney Heads
        •Sailors Woolwork With Two Ships
        •Sailors Woolwork H.M.S. ICARUS-Think Of Me
        •Sailors Woolwork of a Steam Sail Ship with Cliffs
        •Sailors Woolwork Picture of a British Frigate
        •Sailors Woolwork with Ship, Florals and Photographs
 ::Scrimshaw Artifacts
        •American, Scrimshaw Sewing Chest with Bone Inserts
        •Early Cribbage Board of Hardwood
        •Miniature Ship's Block of Whale Ivory
        •Scrimshaw Spoon
        •Walrus Tusk Napkin Ring
        •Whale Bone Pie Crimper
        •Whalebone Crochet Hook
        •Whaleman Carved Boxwood Busk
        •Whaleman Carved White Holly Wood Busk
        •Whaleman's Pie Crimper
 ::Scrimshaw Private
        •American Scrimshaw Whales Tooth
        •American Scrimshaw Whales Tooth with Star, Ship, Anchor and Flags
        •American Walnut Sewing Basket with Whale Bone Inlays
        •Carved Falcon Whales Tooth Snuff Box
        •Carved Sailor Man of Hardwood and Whale Ivory
        •Early Scrimshawed Whale Tooth - Ship SERINGAPATAM, Whale Boat & Chase
        •Merchant Ship with Four Flags
        •Miniature Ship's Block of Whale Ivory
        •Pie Crimper with Fork
        •Scrimshaw of a Whale Ship
        •Scrimshaw Spoon
        •Scrimshaw Tooth of a Pack of Dogs
        •Scrimshaw Whale Tooth with Sailors Greeting Over Barrel
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth - Dogs Fighting Over the Kill
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth featuring Sailor Man and Ship
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth with British Ship and Basket of Flowers
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth with Large Ship
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth with Ship, Basket of Flowers and Memorial
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth, Lady with Parasol
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth, Ship with Floral Leaf Border
        •Scrimshaw Whales Tooth "Man Standing by a Chair"
        •Scrimshaw Whales Tooth - Distraught Woman
        •Scrimshaw Whales Tooth, American Whaling Scene
        •Scrimshawed Whale Tooth - Rural Country Scene-A Signed Tooth
        •Scrimshawed Whales Tooth Of A Lady Sitting and Reading a Book
        •Walrus Tusk Match Holder with Two Seal Figures
        •Walrus Tusk Napkin Ring
        •Whale Bone and Whale Ivory Double Wheel Pie Crimper
        •Whale Bone Pie Crimper
        •Whalebone and Island Hardwood Pocket Watch Stand with Glass Dome
        •Whalebone Busk by a Sailor
        •Whalebone Busk of Larger Size
        •Whalebone Crochet Hook
        •Whalebone Ornate Cribbage Board With Compartment.
        •Whaleman's Pie Crimper
        •Whales Tooth and Panbone Plaque Watch Stand
        •William Boylhart 50-Year Collection of Marine Antiques, Part II
        •William Boylhart 50-Year Collection of Scrimshaw and Whalemen Artifacts, Part I
 ::Scrimshaw Teeth
        •American Scrimshaw Whales Tooth
        •American Scrimshaw Whales Tooth with Star, Ship, Anchor and Flags
        •Carved Falcon Whales Tooth Snuff Box
        •Early Scrimshawed Whale Tooth - Ship SERINGAPATAM, Whale Boat & Chase
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth - Dogs Fighting Over the Kill
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth featuring Sailor Man and Ship
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth with British Ship and Basket of Flowers
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth with Large Ship
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth with Ship, Basket of Flowers and Memorial
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth, Lady with Parasol
        •Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth, Ship with Floral Leaf Border
        •Scrimshaw Whales Tooth "Man Standing by a Chair"
        •Scrimshaw Whales Tooth - Distraught Woman
        •Scrimshaw Whales Tooth, American Whaling Scene
        •Scrimshawed Whale Tooth - Rural Country Scene-A Signed Tooth
        •Scrimshawed Whales Tooth Of A Lady Sitting and Reading a Book
        •Whales Tooth and Panbone Plaque Watch Stand
 ::Sea Chests
        •Camphor Wood and Brass Sea Chest Owned by a Danish Sea Captain
        •Sailor's Pine Sea Chest with Beckets
 ::Ship in a Bottle
        •Sailing Barque & Steam Sail Ship in Bottle
        •Ship In A Bottle With Tugboat Hauling A Brigintine. Also a Sloop Under Full Sail And A Shore Scene With Lighthouse

        •Tiller Yoke of Danforth Anchors
        •12 Inch Brass Ships Bell From The Vessel AMERICA 1891
        •Napoleonic Ship's Bell from the Brig HMS Mary
        •American 10 Gauge Breech Loading Signal Cannon
        •British Royal Transportation Company Tide Signalling Cannon
        •English Two Inch Bore Bronze Naval Cannon
        •French 18th Century 1lb. Bronze Cannon on Carriage
        •Iron and Brass Line Throwing Cannon by McKeever Daley
        •Iron Signal Cannon With Cap Conversion
        •Large Bronze VOC Style Cannon -East Indian Company
        •Late 19th Century Model of 16th Century Brass Cannon
        •Pair of American Civil War Style Bronze Mortars
        •Pair of Historic Egyptian Islamic Bronze Cannons
        •Rare Enoch Hidden New York Salute Cannon
        •Rare Inscribed 18th Century French 1lb Cannon Model 1786
        •Rare Small Presentation Cannon on Wooden Carriage
        •U.S. Navy Bronze 12lb. Light Dahlgren Boat Howitzer
        •Very Rare Bronze British Naval Rail Carronade
        •Winchester Brass Presentation Signal Cannon 1976 Edition
        •Carved Gangway Board with Anchor and Crown
        •Name Board off Hudson River Steamboat MARY POWELL
        •Rare Pair of Large Carved Marine Figures, Circa 1870
 ::Diving Helmets & Equipment
        •12 Bolt Dive Helmet by Yokohama Diving of Japan
        •A.J. Morse & Sons Dive Helmet
        •AJ Morse Shallow Water Dive Helmet and Bronze Pump
        •Dive Boots
        •Draeger Dive Helmet, DM40 No. 3247
        •Miller Dunn Shallow Water Diving Helmet with weights
        •Miller Dunn US Navy Style 2 Divinhood Dive Helmet
        •U.S. Navy Diving Air Pump Mark III by Morse
        •United States Navy Divers Suit
        •US Navy - Miller Dunn Shallow Water Diving Hood Style 3
        •US Navy Morse/DESCO Mark V Dive Helmet No. 927/4231
        •USN Morse Mark V Dive Helmet, Suit and Gear 

 ::Edged Weapons
        •British Naval Dirk
        •British Naval Dirk With Bone Handle
        •High Quality British Naval Sword with Scabbard
        •American Eagle Ship’s Figurehead
        •American Ship's Figurehead of a Young Boy Holding a Dove
        •American Woman Ship's Carved Figurehead
        •Carved Gilt Figurehead of an Eagle from Schooner FLEETWING
        •Late 18th Century Carved Figurehead of a 17th Century British Admiral
        •Rare Large Figurehead from a Full Rigged Ship
        •Rare Pair of Large Carved Marine Figures, Circa 1870
        •Ship's Figurehead of Admiral Lord Nelson
        •Ship's Figurehead of An Elegant Lady from the Schooner "GRACE" of Salcombe
        •Ship's Figurehead of the Goddess Ceres
        •Cased Pair Flintlock Target Dueling Pistols by Collins of London
        •Cased Pair of French Dueling Pistols with Liege Proof Marked Balledent Epernay
        •Child's Percussion Cap Rifle
        •Early Cased Pair of Percussion Dueling Pistols by Durs Egg of London
        •English Box Lock Percussion Blunderbuss Pistol
        •English Flintlock Brass Barrel Railgun Blunderbuss
        •Flintlock Blunderbuss with Spring Loaded Bayonet, made by Archer
 ::Fishing Equipment
        •Fishing Equipment
        •Large 9/0 Edward Vom Hofe Ocean Reel
        •Launching Presentation Carved Desk Set Commemorating H.M.S. BEAVER
        •Teakwood Desk Set
        •Heavy Brass American Channel Lamp
 ::Lighthouse Artifacts
        •Fresnel Primary Fourth Order Lens
        •Large American Gas Accumulator Channel Light
        •Trinity Sewing Box with Three Masted Ship
        •Humphreys American Homeopathic Remedies Kit With Manual
 ::Miscellaneous Artifacts
        •Dutch Log Timer Tobacco Box
        •European Hat Box for a Bicorne Hat
        •Large Iron Armada Chest, 17th Century Strong Box
        •Large Wood Octant Trade Sign
        •Trinity House Box, British Steam-Sail Ship With Lighthouse Off The Bow
        •Liverpool Pottery Bowl With Marine Scenes
        •Sunderland Pottery Mug
        •View of Westpoint, Sunderland Pottery, Cup and Saucer
 ::Prisoner-of-War Artifacts
        •Napoleonic Prisoner of War Bone Spinning Jenny with Nine Figures and Polychrome
        •Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Cribbage Board with Domino Set
        •Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Straw Box
 ::Scrimshaw Private
        •7¼ Inch Scrimshaw Whales Tooth-Ship TOSHUA HART
        •Scrimshaw of a Fashionably Dressed Lady
 ::Sea Chests
        •American Painted Pine Sea Chest
        •Brass Bound Camphor Sea Chest
        •Camphor Wood and Brass Sea Chest Owned by a Danish Sea Captain
        •Iron Armada Strong Box
        •Pine Sea Chest Associated with the Ship TARANAKI of 1877
        •Sailor's Pine Sea Chest with Beckets
 ::Ship Hardwares
        •Antique Ships Wheel Coffee Table With American Brass Lamp Base
 ::Speaking Trumpets
        •French Brass Speaking Trumpet
        •Nickel Plated Presentation Land Hailer
        •Bronze Statue of Sailor Boy
        •Three Spelter Maritime Statues of Helmsman, Lady Distress and Man with Lifeline
 ::Steam Engine Models
        •Builder's Quality Live Steam Engine Model
        •Live Steam Walking Beam Engine Model
 ::Steam Models
        •H.E. Boucher Live Steam Model
        •French Silvered Naval Officer Dress Sword
        •Pair of Ames US Navy Cutlasses
 ::Tillers, Rudders & Yokes
        •19th Century Bald Eagle American Yacht Tiller Arm
 ::Toy Models
        •H.E. Boucher Live Steam Model
 ::Trophys & Presentions
        •1905 Battle of Trafalgar Centenary Plaque
        •Bronze Breech-Loading Bronze Whaling Gun by Ebenezer Pierce
        •Bronze New England Darting Whaling Harpoon
        •Iron Arctic Harpoon
        •Rare First-Generation Swivel Whaling Harpoon Gun
        •Rare Greener Style Percussion Whaling Harpoon Gun
        •Swivel Whaling Harpoon Gun with Harpoon
        •Wood Mirror Case with Sliding Cover
        •Henry Nock, English Flintlock Rifle

        •Mahogany Carved Twist Gimballed Barometer by I. Cail
        •Admiral Fitzroy Barometer
        •Cased Pocket Barometer
        •Dutch Gimballed Brass Marine Barometer by Koningh
        •Gimballed Marine Barometer by D. McGregor of Glasglow & Greenock
        •Mahogany Carved Twist Gimballed Barometer by James Bassnett
        •Oak Carved Admiral Fitzroy Barometer
 ::Binnacles & Compasses
        •American Yacht Binnacle from ARIADNE
        •Riggs Brothers Small Boat/Yacht Compass
        •Nikon Japanese Big Eye 20x120 Binoculars
        •Ross 10x80 British Admiralty Binoculars
        •U.S. Navy 20 x 120 Bridge Binoculars
        •US Navy 20 x 120 Big Eye Bridge Binoculars
        •Ship's Chronometer by John Bliss, New York
        •Ships Chronometer by John Campbell
        •American Made Chelsea Clock
        •Brass Chelsea Yacht Wheel Ships Bell Clock
        •VALLEJO GALLERY is an Authorized Chelsea Clock Dealer
        •Early Sextant by Lewellyn of London
 ::Navigation Instruments
        •Cased Artificial Horizon Navigation Instrument
        •Circa 1850 Dry Card Compass by Hooper & Sons Compass Makers
        •Drafting & Navigation Tool Set To: Lieut. J White
        •Early American Backstaff, Dated 1762
        •Mahogany Cased Ship's Artificial Horizon
        •Navigation Set with Ray Skin Case.
        •Quintant by Cary of London
        •Rare American Display Compass by Guillaume Bossimeau
        •Rare Ships Boxwood Backstaff
        •Rare Wood Bowl, Dry Card Whale Ship Compass By S. Thaxter and Son Boston
 ::Octants, Quadrants & Backstaffs
        •Cased Navigational Octant by G. Heath, London
        •Cased Octant by WF Cannon of London
        •Ainsley Sextant
        •Double Frame Sextant by J. Fletcher, London
        •Large Size Pocket Sextant by F. Steward, London
 ::Ship Clocks
        •American Seth Thomas Bottom Bell Ship's Clock
        •Brass Tripod Telescope by Samuel & Benjamin Solomons -London
        •Mahogany and Brass Telescope
        •Rare American Made Brass Telescope by Pike, New York
        •Marine Chronometer by Johannsen & Co

 ::Book Maritime
        •Yachts and Yachtsmen of America Vol I- Dated 1894 Henry Mott Editor
 ::Book Voyages
        •Captain Cook's Voyages to the Pacific
        •Omoo by Herman Melville
        •Two Maritime Engravings of Naval Actions
        •Claude Monet Signed Letter - Written from Giverny France
 ::Limited-Edition Prints
        •A Southerly Wind, The WAIMATE
        •Pencil Study of Guano Building Savannah
        •Pittsburgh - The sidewheeler DEAN ADAMS Arriving At The Point in 1880
        •Signed Print by John Stobart- Sunrise Over Nantucket 1835
        •Vineyard Haven The Schooner SHENANDOAH From The Black Dog Tavern In 1884
        •Attack On Forts Hatteras and Clark
        •Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California
        •Full Color British Hearts of Oak Membership Lithograph
        •Lithograph LIVERPOOL 1853
        •New Bedford, 50 Years Ago- Lithograph - Circa 1850s
        •The CITY OF GLASGOW
 ::Maps & Charts
        •Map Of Spain by Nicolas Vissches
 ::Miscellaneous Artifacts
        •Whalemans Shipping List and Merchants Transcript
        •Original Peabody of Boston Photograph
        •Original Peabody of Boston Photograph #798
        •Original Peabody of Boston Photograph No. 761
        •Original Period Photo of a Sailboat
        •Original Period Photograph of the 12 Meter Yacht MODESTY
        •Original Period Photograph of the Cutter VOLUNTEER
        •Original Stebbins Photograph #7892
        •Original Stebbins Photograph Number 6045- SPINSTER
        •Original Stebbins Photograph of ASAHI
        •Whaleships ROUSSEAU and DESDEMONA in New Bedford Harbor
        •Woman And Children First, Photogravure of a Painting by T.M. Hemy
 ::Signed Documents
        •British Letter of Marque With 5½ Inch Diameter Seal
        •Stephen Decatur Hand Written Letter Of Recommendation
        •Whaleship L.C. RICHARDS Pirate Passport
        •Whale Ships Grounded for the Winter
        •Lying To Off St. Georges Banks, NORSEMEN AND ATALANTA
        •Fine Weather and a Fair Wind Yachting Print
        •Racing Home, the CUTTY SARK
 ::Limited-Edition Prints
        •Hilton Head Island - Shrimpboats at Skull Creek

 ::Original art
        •Colonel Bates Leads the 30th Colored Infantry at the Battle of the Crater
        •Attack of Smith's Corps at Cold Harbor, Virginia
        •Sumner Repulsing the Rebels 
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